5 Frugal things post 52 – Sale shopping and Running

5 Frugal things post 52 – Sale shopping and Running

I haven’t written one of these posts for a while, naughty me. So I thought I would create a bumper one this week in  5 frugal things post 52 with lots of money saving tactics, there are many ways in here where you can sign up to things and make some money yourself. And to celebrate 52 posts worth of savings and frugal things!

Black Friday

This week of course saw Black Friday happen. Did you get any goodies, any Christmas pressies? I did get my Nintendo switch for the boys. The price has been £279 for weeks before and I found Tesco had dropped it to £269 on Black Friday. It was the cheapest I could find it so I bought it and also used Clubcard voucher in the transaction saving myself another £64.

The black friday savings of course continue over the weekend and into Cyber Monday so dont forget to check for even more savings before you buy those Christmas pressies.

Octopus Energy

I am really happy with my new energy provider. The switch process was so simple. I am getting the best price around for my energy and I have smart meter so I can see every day how much energy we are using. Its rare to be bowled over by the customer experience of an energy company and I want to shout it from the rooftops, finally an energy company doing it really well. And I have a gift for you if you switch over to Octopus before the end of Monday 27th November, you and I get £50 each straight to our bank account!!

Birthday party time

This week saw the last birthday of my three boys. We have had all three celebrations in the past three weeks. Potentially expensive times. Thankfully I was paid for a couple of jobs in Amazon vouchers so I used these to buy the boys their pressies, these were tablets for Dylan and Jack. Jacks birthday was last Wednesday and it coincided with a photoshoot and cooking of Christmas dinner, so Jack got a lovely dinner. Also a new trampoline park is opening near us and we were invited to the press day, another freebie birthday treat for Jack. Review post coming soon of Better Extreme trampoline park in Welwyn Garden City.

Starting up Running again

The ulitmate freebie fitness activity. I’ll be honest, I am not keen on the idea of going out for a run in this cold weather. But once I am out it feels good. I like to do long runs, 4-5 miles so I really feel like I have done a good chunk of exercise and burned a load of calories. There is a really pretty loop I can run all along country roads in the middle of Hertfordshire countryside with a few hills but not too many. I find that I am ever so creative with my ideas whilst out running. I also love spotting the wildlife, the squirrels or the bird or the rat that I saw on my last run!!

Cashing in my Topcashback bonus

I let me Topcashback balance build up and transfer it out every few months, this time I turned it into Amazon vouchers for a small bonus and cashed in £70 to help towards birthday and Christmas pressies. If you join up at the moment you even get a £5 free Amazon voucher, why not set up an account and earn yourself extra money on stuff you were buying anyway online. Every time I buy insurance, holidays, order flowers, order a pizza I get cash back. I have had an account since 2012 and my cash back earned is currently sitting at £1870. I love this freebie way of earning extra cash!


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