5 frugal things post 49 Pizza, birthday money and eBay

5 frugal things post 49 Pizza, birthday money and eBay

I am mega late in posting my 5 frugal things for last week, but here it is. I know these post are popular so here are the things I have done to save or make money.

eBay sales

Sunday was a big day for eBay sales. I had 12 things listed, all old Ted Baker clothes, all too big. There were dresses, trousers, blouses and cardigans. Something went for £20 and others for £10..10 items sold and I made £220. Take off postage costs at £40 and eBay fees at £20 and that’s a profit of £140. All for some clothes that were sat there doing nothing.

Endless packed lunches

I feel like I am endlessly making packed lunches. Everyday for school, after school for football dinners, weekend for football lunches. I buy in all the packed lunch items from Aldi. They cost me maybe £10 per week in crisps, bread, sandwich fillings, fruit and sausage rolls but that saves me at least £30 in school dinner costs and buying lunches at football venues. But it is such a drag. Really not my favourite task.

Homemade Pizzas

We had a no-spend weekend, more to be written about that later this week as its part of a campaign for a client. Part of the no-spend fun was making homemade pizzas for Josh’s birthday sleepover. We made everything from the thin-crust pizza dough to the hand-styled toppings. It was fun and kept four excitable birthday boys happy for an hour!

5 frugal things post 49

Spending money from a birthday

Josh got some money for his birthday last week and insisted on going shopping on his actual birthday. On his list was new shoes, which he chose from Sports Direct for £21. Next he wanted to buy some clothes, so we headed to Primark where he found joggers, a hoody and two t-shirts all for £27. Josh is a bargain shopper too!

The Smart Meter Challenge has started.

I wrote about the installation of our smart meter last week and the challenge we have started as a family. Last week was my week for energy and I have kept a record of how much electricity we have spent in a week. Its looking like around £19 has been spent in one week. From tomorrow Dylan is in charge and he has the challenge to beat £19 and spend less in the week. Lets see him running around switching everything off!! Im looking forward to seeing if it will make a difference to what we spend. I love seeing the spend in real time, the control is amazing, I think it will save us money.

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