5 Fabulous Frugal Things post 4

This week has been so lovely and quiet. This maybe sounds boring but I love having a nice quiet week, particularly after a really busy one. There were no trips into London or big brand meetings, but I did have tons of time to achieve a lot on my to-do lists. I hope you enjoy 5 Frugal Things post 4.

  1. I started the week by returning to Pilates after a long gall bladder op related break. I have a large credit running with my Pilates teacher from hubby’s birthday . He got a voucher which he didn’t want so I get to use it on Pilates lessons. This means I have 13 more already paid for. Sort of feels like its free. I know its not really but its something I love doing and I don’t have to pay for it again until 2017!
  2. After a heavy weekend with too much booze at my friend Julies 40th birthday I needed a week of clean eating and goodness. This also included relaxation. My friend Leanne has set up a new beauty salon in Welwyn Garden City, she ran a special offer this week on an hours facial for £20. I also got my nails done for free by a trainee whilst I was there. Such a bargain to get facial and nails done for £20. Thank you Leanne, do check out her salon in Nortons Gym near the Mundells.
  3. Its Josh’s 7th birthday party tomorrow. A joint football party with his best friend Bobby, son of my trendy friend LoveLeighLifestyle – Leigh Goldsmith. We are both keen bargain hunters, so we have hired an astro-turf pitch for 2 hours for £72. Hubby and his mate are going to ‘coach’ the 6 & 7 year old’s. I am baking the cake tonight, I bought a few ingredients from Aldi earlier for £5. Leigh has got a selection of snacks and drinks from Asda. I reckon we have spent maybe £100 all in. A great value party that the boys will love.
  4. 22-6-16 Mary Berry - BBC Good food LiveA focus project for the next few months is my work with BBC Good Food show. I have been chosen to support the event through my blog and social media channels. I am SO excited about this project and kicked it off yesterday with my first blog post, a reminder of the event I attended back in June where I got to meet the king & queen of food TV, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. I have been given a super exclusive code for the event saving you readers 20% off your tickets. I will be there at Olympia and Birmingham NEC why not join me for freebies, food and fun. There is free wine, I promise:-)
  5. I have been doing lots of budgeting and analysis of our costs and income this week. This is the rumblings on from my #firststeps event last week with Experian and The School of Life. I have been working with Faith who blogs at Much More with Less to tear our household income and expenditure apart to discover more places to save money. Things are going to change, particularly as Faith and I has found savings of £2k per year straight away in my budget. I have some 0% debt on a couple of credit cards that needs to be paid off. Particularly as our fixed rate deal comes to an end next July. A huge thank you to Faith. Check out her site for amazing frugal recipes and much more (with less;-))

So there you go, no social events or night outs. A nice clear week where I have had time to focus on exciting new projects. And lots of football;-) I have just reviewed my spending diary. I did do a big 2 week Aldi shop on Monday where I spent £120, and we needed petrol today £50. But I have managed to spend just £260. This is a really good week for us and it includes a few of Josh’s birthday pressie bits. So loving this 5 Frugal Things post for making me spend less.

I’m linking up with  CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week’ linky.



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