5 Frugal Things Post 27 – Back into the swing of life

5 Frugal Things Post 27

Isn’t this year going so quickly? Already its the end of April and I am nearly 40 years and 1 month old! All my birthday cards are still hanging on a string, I can’t bare to take them down. I loved my birthday so much. I had such a wonderful time celebrating it and experienced so much love and generosity. There are still a few more celebrations planned, with a spa weekend booked with the uni best friends which is in 5 weeks time. We are off to the Lifehouse, Clacton-on-Sea for a spa weekend. Looking forward to 24 hours of relaxation and conversation with my friends of 22 years.

This week has been really very full on. I wrote a post that was shared so many times, bringing much traffic and interest to my website so I have been spending time focused on that post and sharing it as much as possible. Huffington post are interested:-) The post is Confessions of a Personal Finance blogger. I have a debt secret. Have a read and see what you think.

I also had a billboard campaign go live for Pensionbee. The campaign is live in Brighton at the moment so if you are there, look out for my face on posters! Cat of Penny Wise Life Rich took a wicked picture at Brighton train station and shared it on Instagram. Thanks Cat.

Here is my frugal week and I have been so good this week. I know people like Faith Archer from Much More with Less and Emma Drew from Emmadrew.info will be very proud of me, both of whom have helped me a lot with making money and saving money tips.


Federation of Small Business Fair

I spent Wednesday at a federation of small business (FSB) fair in Huntingdon. It was so incredibly useful. It was free entry and I got free legal advice, funding advice, grant advice, insurance advice, car leasing info. Picked up a ton of free stationery, sweets, toys for the boys, fortune cookies and important business contacts. I went with hubby who is starting up his own business. We are very excited and are now armed with essential start-up information plus a load of things that will save me money. If you need any information about the FSB drop me an email, I will be writing a post about it too and its benefits (including completely FREE business banking).

Edie & Rona Strategy Day

Thursday, I spent the day with Julie, my friend from EE days who has in the last few months set up her own business Edie & Rona. She sells the most beautiful stationery. You might have seen a competition that I am running for her. Its still open until 30th May so grab an entry quick! The prize is a beautiful stationery bundle. It was meant to be a 1 hour meeting that turned into 4 hours as we discussed how to grow each others businesses and hit our turnover goals. We have a lot of mutually beneficial projects coming up..which I can’t wait to share. And I left with the cutest star paper clips. I have reviewed my favourite products in this competition/blog post.

I love John Lewis Customer Service

I popped into John Lewis after seeing Julie to try to return my 40th birthday party dress. It was a beautiful Phase 8 dress but as I put it on before my party the zip kep splitting open. Luckily Jenny, my mother-in-law was there who somehow managed to stitch it and repair the zip so I was able to wear it as planned to the party. Anyways this was all a month ago but I had kept the tag and the receipt. See it pays to keep them, as John Lewis took it back no problems and gave me the full £130 back onto my credit card. How I needed that money boost this week:-) And I walked straight out of John Lewis not spending a penny, even on parking.

Money Saving & Budgeting Champions

We are on a big money saving mission at the moment, note the debt post above, and are paying close attention to the monthly bills. One thing I have been paying for is for Jack to go to pre-school an extra 3 hours each Friday. It costs me £52 per month. But with things being tighter we have decided that this is an easy £50 we can not spend. I spoke to the teacher at school who were fine and just said not to stop his Friday afternoon straight away so the £52 saving kicks in right now.

Mr Boypenny an entreprenurial son

Josh my middle son has decided to follow in my entrepreneur footsteps and go into business with me. Hi first question was how old do you need to be to run a business? I said you can start whenever you want. He replied what now Mummy at 7? Yes Josh 7 is fine. He sorted through the huge toy pile and worked out what we could sell. One huge brown box of toys now on the table. We are going to list them on Facebook and eBay and see what profit we make. He wants the business to be called Mr Boypenny. How cute? He asked for 50% of the profit. I said no. He asked for 25%, I said no. I offered 10%, which he accepted. Hes not quite got the art of negotiation yet!

I am linking up with CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I have done this week linky.


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