5 Frugal Things post 2 – from Mrs Mummypennys week

5 Frugal Things from my week Post 2

This week I have been active and productive. A huge progression on wards from last week. I have had various meetings with potential new clients, I have sent out plentiful pitches and I have a few busy weeks of work coming up. Everything is falling into place:-)

  1. Most of my meetings/coffees/lunches this week have been free. I have either used google hangout for the London Meetings or local coffee shops. I had lunch for free in John Lewis today using ‘my John Lewis’ vouchers or have had coffees bought for me as I have been helping out with advice. New bloggers are approaching me for top tips and I love meeting up to hear their ideas and encourage their creativity.
  2. I managed to have a look in the beautiful gift shop in Old Welwyn yesterday and only buy one thing, a candle for £10. I love candles and I often light them up to make the house smell amazing and I think it helps with my productivity:-) And the smell of grapefruit and lime is divine.
  3. Dylan counted up the coins from the Mrs Mummypenny penny jar and we had £90 in £2, £1, 50p and 20ps. This was paid into the bank today along with a couple of cheques that have been hanging around for ages.
  4. I returned a broken mobile power pack to EE and got £24 money back, it always pays to keep receipts. I did then go and spend £23 on milk thistle and turmuric supplements to help with my gallbladder healing at the health food shop. These were on a special offer – Buy 1 get one half price, so saved £7. And I used my loyalty card.
  5. I am searching for birthday pressies (I have 3 boys turning 9,7 and 4 within 6 weeks of each other) and bought a book for Dylan today from Amazon. I first looked at it 2 weeks ago and it was £11.99 and just released. Now its £6.99. I saw Ruud Gullit interviewed on Sunday brunch and he was amazing. He was so passionate about football, a perfect book for Dylan as part of his 9th birthday pressies.

6. Sneaky 6th one. Been having no end of problems with BT. Finally it comes to an end in 2 weeks when we swap to Sky. One more painful conversation with another terrible customer service advisor has led to a further £30 credit. I will be writing about this situation, what problems we had and how to fix them. We also got our £180 break of contract fee removed.

It has been a great week for spending very little, I am still keeping my spending diary. As I am really enjoying knowing exactly what I have spent and keeping it under control. This week I have spent just £60. This included my candle, fish & chips dinner, £30 worth of birthday pressies.

Next week will be a higher spending week maybe as I am in London on Monday, Wednesday & Friday for Mrs Mummypenny. Plus on Thursday I am going to see Bridget at the cinema and I am hosting a Hertfordshire bloggers lunch. A busy week:-)



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    1. Indeed, candles are the best. Loving the #5frugalthings linky. Great discipine to get into and will help me save money!!

  1. Oh BT…If only only you could sort out your customer service issues, you would be so great. In a previous life I worked on the customer service revolution at EE..a small but powerful group that made a significant step change to the business and sorted out a lot of issues. Alas BT now own EE surely they can learn from what we did..its was only 2 years ago!!!

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