What Makes A Brand Go Boom?

You’ve got a brand in your head, one that you’ve been wanting to publish for a long time, and you’ve worked and re-worked it over and over again in all that time. You started off with a small idea, maybe a couple of images combining to make a scruffy little logo, and now you’ve got an entire tag line and colour scheme and you’ve picked out all the best people in your head to push it. You know what your brand looks like, you believe it’s up to scratch, but now you’ve got a bit of a fight on your hands: your brand needs to go boom, and you don’t quite know how to make it do that.

Well, this post is hopefully here to give you some ideas. A bit of inspiration here and there is all that’s needed for entrepreneurs like you, after all! So here’s just a few ways brands are commonly boosted nowadays, with the best results the marketing world has ever seen.

Having a Corporate Strategy

When you think about going corporate, you’re thinking of making it big. You want your rband to be as well known as Amazon and Apple and Coca Cola – hey, anyone with an idea for a product or a service has the same ambition in the back of their minds! And that means you’re in line for some Corporate branding; you want to lay the foundations to take your product to bigger and better heights, slowly and steadily, with a little flair of style here and there.

You’re a small business, and you’re surrounded by millions of other small businesses, so you need to brand yourself to stand out from the crowd. You need to find an angle none of your competitors have already taken, or at least, put a unique spin on the most common one the customers will recognise. You also need to have a voice, a proper voice, that speaks directly to the customer. Don’t let anything you put out on social media or your own website be a copypasta in its own right – it needs to be something that demonstrates the heart and soul of your brand.

Paying Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is very important when it comes to brand boosting. You need to keep an eye on the prize, yes, but it needs to be constantly scanning all four corners of it. The devil is in the details, after all, and the customers are going to appreciate the extra mile you go for them.

One of the best ways to prioritize the details of your brand is in the packaging of the product itself. It can’t be something that gets simply wrapped, with duct tape all over the box it gets sent out in; there needs to be something special and unique about it. It needs to be a real aesthetic sight before they rip into the packaging to get to the product inside.

Think of Arizona Iced Tea as a good example here: when you see a bottle of the stuff, your attention is immediately grabbed. The colors work well together, the images are handcrafted by a top designer, and there’s few customers out there who are just going to discard the bottle or can once they’re finished drinking up. That’s something you should try to induce within your own brand! The package itself is one your greatest branding opportunities, remember that.

Some Influencer Support

Influencers are big deals in the modern day and age. They’re people who have huge social media followings, across platforms that have billions of users all across the world logging on multiple times a day. It’s a great place to get your brand onto; accessing even 1% of the 2 and a half billion active users on Facebook means 25 million people are headed your way.

And when you’ve got a person with an established platform on your side, most of the work is done for you. That’s why sponsorships are so common; they’re mutually beneficial for all sides, and the money just keeps on coming! Social media is always accessible, and there’s always going to be a million or so people on at once; that’s an incredible outreach!

Your brand needs to go boom, doesn’t it? You’ve worked hard to make sure it’s worthy of such exposure, and now’s the time to get paid back! So make sure you keep ideas like these in mind during your branding journey; there’s a lot of opportunity in them.

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