Ways to Make Money from Any Sized Garden

Ways to Make Money from Any Sized Garden

Family life can be hectic and for most of us with a garden we’ll only be able to spare a few hours to mow the lawn every so often. Yet if you can find the time and even get your kids interested and involved in gardening, there are many ways you can turn this outdoor space into a money-making machine. No matter whether you have a small balcony garden or a three acre field, there’s an option to suit every size and type of garden.

Sell Herbs

An easy way to get started and ideal if you have limited room is to begin growing herbs to sell. Pick some popular culinary herbs such as basil or coriander that people are going to want to buy. These can even be grown indoors if you create a small greenhouse for growing herbs and just require watering once a day. Once they’re ready to be harvested either bag them up to sell fresh or dry them out to sell later. You can even branch out into chillies in the future.

Keep Bees

There are approximately 44,000 amateur beekeepers in the UK, looking after 274,000 hives. Just one hive can create 40lbs of honey on average, so there’s money to be made. You’ll need to invest in the correct equipment and inform neighbours in case they object due to allergies. Otherwise, as bees are fairly self-sufficient beings you won’t have to do too much more until it comes to gathering the honey and sticking it in jars.

Grow Your Own Produce

One of the most common options is to grow your own fruit and vegetables to sell at farmers’ markets. The thing is, there’ll be plenty of others selling fresh apples, pears, carrots and potatoes. Instead, turn your produce into something more creative such as smoothies or chutneys, adding your own twist on them so they have a good USP. You’ll need to protect your crops as best as possible by investing in some quality fence panels to improve privacy and safety of the garden.

Hire Out the Space

If you’ve got a garden in a good location or of a decent size you could hire it out for various purposes. Start off small with children’s parties, especially over summer, which can be great if someone needs room to put up a bouncy castle. When there’s a big event on nearby, consider hiring it out for camping, which is becoming more popular with the rise of Airbnb. Or if you don’t really use the garden and have no plans to, simply rent out the space as an allotment.

Look After Livestock

Depending on the size of your garden, keeping poultry such as ducks and chickens to sell on their eggs is fairly easy to get started. For those with more room and ambitions you could think about larger livestock such as goats. Though to be profitable making goats’ cheese does involve a lot more work and skill.

Basically, you can sell most things that grow in your garden at markets or online, from seeds to animals if you have the time and drive to give it a go.

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