Trading Challenge – Can we trade up a Penny Coin to a Million £ Diamond

I recently discovered a video of a girl in America who started swapping and trading from a hair grip/bobbi pin, all the way up to a house. I watched with interest and excitement.

There was no money involved she literally swapped her way from hair grip to earrings, earrings to martini glasses and so on. She ends up with incredible trades like snowboards, laptops, she even traded an iphone for a car!

I was inspired and sent the video to my fellow money expert friend Jordon Cox (Of Coupon Kid fame) and said Jordon, I’ve got an idea for something brilliant that we can do as a challenge/competition. And he was in!

The Penny Trading Challenge

This is a very US type idea, not many people have done it in the UK, actually we cant find anyone, so we thought why not. Lets give it a go. And the starting point for our challenge was a shiny 1p coin. Very British, and very Mrs Mummy Penny appropriate!!

So from today 1st June 2021 we are officially trading up from a 1 penny coin to maybe a million pound diamond or a house. Jordon and I will be sharing our trades when we make them on our social media. We will also be doing monthly catch ups to report on our trading progress, appearing on here and on social channels. You can read Jordon post from today right here.

We take each trade as it comes and try to trade up for something of more value than what we are trading. I wonder what we can trade our shiny 1 penny coins for?

Of course there are rules.

  1. No trading with friend or family
  2. No money must ever change hands
  3. We must both start on the same date and with the same item a 1 penny coin.

Where can this go?

We are both excited to see how far we can take this. And are already thinking competively. I am slightly worried after all Jordon once managed to get £600 of shopping for 4p via his obsession with coupons. He knows how to seek out a bargain and save extreme money, but does he know how to trade up and create value?!

How involved will we get with this challenge I wonder? How many times a week will we be trading, how much value we can create from just 1p. Follow our journeys on our social channels.

Jordon Cox Instagram

Mrs Mummypenny Instagram

Jordon Cox Twitter

Mrs Mummypenny Twitter

Facebook Group – We would love you to Join Us

We have set up a Facebook group where you can follow our progress and we want it to become an active trading group where you can join us in the challenge. And maybe we can trade with you!

Will this fail – maybe?!

Will be a huge success where we end up with a free house – maybe??!!!!!

Whatever it will be a fun experiment and we both up for the challenge.


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