Top Tips for Turning a Child’s Bedroom into a Space for a Teen

Top Tips for Turning a Childs Bedroom into a Space for a Teen

When it comes to a teenager’s bedroom, it’s difficult to know exactly how to decorate. As my eldest approaches this age I am wondering what we can do. There are so many different stages to teenagerhood, from the initial change from child to teen, to the experimental phase and figuring out your own style and interests. Throughout this period of time, you want your child to have a space they can use to relax and wind down, feeling at home and comfortable. It’s important to give your teenager a space for them to be themselves too, and these useful tips will help you to create the perfect space for them to call their own. Here is another post with ideas for smaller children.

Out with the Old

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to turning a child’s bedroom into a teenager’s bedroom is the child-friendly items. Whilst you may have a neutral colour scheme, there may be smaller child furniture pieces, posters and photos of children’s characters and so on, which your teenager is not going to want in their room. Start by throwing away or recycling any of the items that your teenager has grown out of, whether that’s their Winnie the Pooh linen bin or the Barbie clock hanging on the wall. You want to have a relatively blank canvas to work with in order to give your teenager a fresh room for them to enjoy. Maybe we should get rid of the dinosaur duvet set as well!!

Stylish and Chic

Furniture is an essential feature within a teenager’s bedroom, as not only does it help to give the room a certain feel, but it will enable your teenager to live comfortably in their room. Handily we have added a fitted wardrobe to our eldests room when our house was extended. A perfect example of this would be keeping your 6ft tall teenage son in a small single bed, as this is never going to provide them with a comfortable night’s sleep. Switching to a double bed will make a big difference to them. Similarly, you want the furniture to stand out and create a stylish feel within the room. From chic oak bedside tables to a bold desk space, you can create a room that your teenager will find welcoming and suited to them. It’s really important to have a clear change from the child-friendly décor that you once had, to a sophisticated space for a mature teen.

Make it Personal

Whilst your teenager may not be completely certain what their style or interests are, you can still create a space that relates to their personality and works for them. Including lots of photographs of them, football goodies will always go donw well,  and their friends or your family, a few stylish pieces of art that they like, and some colourful fabrics will help to bring a mature touch to the room without making it feel too over the top. Including lots of their favourite things, such as books on some neat bookcase, DVDs and clothes in neat spaces will ensure they feel comfortable within this space.

Work Spaces

You may have had a small desk area for your little one to do some colouring and read their favourite book, but now your little one has grown into a teenager they are going to have more work to do. Homework and revision requires a quiet space, so you should consider adding a spacious desk to your teenager’s bedroom to give them the perfect area to do their work in. It will help them to zone out from the rest of the house for a little while and focus on their work, whilst also giving them a space to do other things such as scrapbooking, reading, writing and so on.

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