Toddler Milestones To Prepare Yourself For

As a parent, it can be very exciting watching your child grow from a baby to a toddler and further throughout their lifetime. Many parents like to keep track of the milestones that their kids reach in order to tell their friends and fill their child in when they are older.

Here, we have put together some of the toddler milestones that you might want to look out for in your child. Keep reading to find out what these might be.

Dressing Themselves

By around 22 months, some toddlers can start to learn how to dress themselves. While they won’t quite have mastered putting on shoes or zipping up a jacket at this point, they might be able to put on their socks or help you with putting on a t-shirt. This might take a little longer for some kids, but this is around the time that you should start looking out for this.

Sleeping In Toddler Bed

Is your child ready for a toddler bed? This can come at different times for kids, but most toddlers will soon be ready to have a bed upgrade that gives them their own space and makes them feel a little less restricted. This is something which should be monitored closely to ensure that your child is safe. Test out using a toddler bed and see if they have reached this exciting milestone yet.

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Walking Up Stairs

Another exciting milestone for toddlers that you should prepare yourself for is walking up stairs. Most kids should have mastered this by the time that they are around 21 months and so you need to start thinking about how safe your home is. To prepare for this, we suggest installing a gate on the stairs to keep them from going up and down.

Making Short Sentences

Once your toddler gets to the 24-month mark, you should find that they are able to create short sentences. Before, they might have only known a few words, but now they should be able to let you know what they want in a more coherent way.

This is quite exciting, and it is something that you will notice happening over time. Soon, they’ll be holding conversations with you and you won’t get any sort of quiet in your home.


Children are amazing and they will continue to learn new things and reach new milestones throughout their entire life. We suggest that you keep track of what they have achieved in order to look back and reflect on their progress. Some doctors might even ask you to keep track of this in order to record it for their development records.

Make sure not to push your child to reach a milestone if they are not ready, for example having them sleep in a toddler bed or asking them to walk upstairs. Before you know it, you’ll have a teenager who has reached a lot of milestones!

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