Giving Back at Xmas – Reverse advent calendar for your local food bank

Giving Back at Xmas – Reverse advent calendar for your local food bank

Christmas is a such a time of excess, good food, drink, chocolates, nuts and sweets. But not for everyone. Its a tough time for so many families, many more than previous years with more hardship and poverty and living on the breadline in 2017.

So why not do a little to give back to those families and collect a reverse advent of food for you local foodbank. I am going to start today on 1st November and will be ADDING an item/items every day for 25 days. Then the huge hamper of food and essentials will be taken to my local food bank. We want the foodbanks to be bursting with goodies and essentials for December when families are most in need.

I am part of the UK money blogger community and many of us have committed to taking part in this challenge and I would love it if you would take part too. Just imagine if we could get 500 people collecting food boxes. That would be 12,500 extra items of food for those in need.

How do I find my nearest food bank?

We have lots of collection boxes in the churches in our village, but if you are not sure then check out this link to the Trussel Trust whom have a full list of all their food banks that you can donate to.

What should I collect for my food bank?

The food needs to be long lasting groceries, think essentials and basics that will keep a family going. Baked beans, soup, pasta, rice. Pet food is a good one and sanitary products are great as they are so expensive. I am going to add some Christmas goodies including chocolates and biscuits to treat a family with children.

Do not give perishable food such as fruit, veg, meat unless its in a can with a long use by date.

You can contact your local food bank directly to see if there is anything in particular that they need or don’t need anymore of.

reverse advent calendar
My hamper on day 1 of the reverse advent calendar challenge

How Do I collect my food?

Why not do what I will be doing, which is getting a huge box and filling it with something different every day. There will be stuff from the cupboards that I can include but I will also buy a few extra bits at the supermarket every week. I will be ticking off a list every day when items are added and Ill do a few updates on Instagram to remind everyone.

Good luck with the challenge and I can’t wait to hear about how you are getting on and seeing your updates and pictures.



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