The Great Connection Guarantee from TalkTalk and my switching experience

The Great Connection Guarantee from TalkTalk

A message that I will constantly talk about on Mrs Mummypenny is the importance of switching your regular household monthly bills. All your monthly bills are (normally) on 12 to 18-month contracts and you will sign up to a great deal as a new customer. When that deal ends you will be moved to standard tariff that WILL cost you more money. You must switch to a new deal to ensure you are getting value for money. This applies to all your regular bills, your gas and electricity, your mobile phone, house and car insurance and your broadband.

TalkTalk share my passion about spreading this message and want every household to benefit from the best and fairest broadband deal. They are actively encouraging people are coming out of contract or who have just been hit with price hikes to read their contracts to ensure they are on the best deal possible.

Great Connection Guarantee from TalkTalk

The Great Connection Guarantee

TalkTalk are so sure in their fibre broadband offering that they have introduced a 30-day cooling off period for new customers joining TalkTalk on Faster Fibre! You have a generous 30-day period to ensure you are happy with the service you are getting and if you are not, you are completely free to leave. This gives ultimate reassurance that you will have the time to ensure all is 100% with your new broadband provider.

Great Connection Guarantee from TalkTalk

How annoying are the within contract price rises?

I hate it when a contract changes price in the middle of a 12-month or 18-month contract. You sign up to pay £20 per month but then its changed to £21 with annual price rises that are buried deep in the pages of terms and conditions that few people read. Yes BT, Sky, EE, o2, you all do this and inflict price rises onto your customers mid-contract. I have experienced this many times.

TalkTalk are one of the only broadband providers to guarantee that prices WILL NOT change within a contract. Bravo. This offers me security and I feel like I can trust TalkTalk as a brand. They are putting the customer first by offering a Great Connection Guarantee.

Not only this but TalkTalk have just released a next generation Wi-Fi hub that offers customers their fastest, strongest and most reliable Wi-Fi signal ever.

Great Connection Guarantee from TalkTalk

Are you out of contract and able to switch?

Are you in contract or are you free to move broadband providers? Look at the TalkTalk offering to see what you will save! Prices for unlimited fibre broadband start from £23.50 per month, see this page for more details on the difference package options.

Great Connection Guarantee from TalkTalk

I switched my broadband over to TalkTalk in March

I switched my broadband back in March from Sky over to TalkTalk, you can read about my switch here. Firstly, I got a great deal and saved myself £6.50 per month on my fibre broadband adding up to a £78 per year. An extra £78 to put towards my debt repayment or to put towards my rainy day fund. I will take that, thank you very much! Secondly the customer service was very impressive, and I wanted to share my experience and how TalkTalk resolved my issues.

My broadband switch day all went to plan, first achievement as this does not always run smoothly from experience! Alas after the switch the speed did seemed to be slower than the previous provider. Devices were struggling at peak times of the day, particularly when there were many devices connected. We are a family of 5 each with a phone or tablet. I gave it a week or so to monitor the speed and it still wasn’t right. Most frustratingly when I tried to upload videos or TV programmes the speed was unbearably slow.


I called TalkTalk to discuss my issues and they arranged to send out an engineer to come take a look at the connections in my house. Whilst on the phone they checked my speeds, as well as what was possible for my area and agreed that the speeds were not good enough. An engineer was booked for the very next day. Super speedy service.

The engineer arrived the next day and had a good nosy around all the internet connections in the house. He was very knowledgeable and explained the speed limitations in our house. We live on the outskirts of our village and quite far from the exchange, this being the biggest impact on fibre broadband speed.

He checked our speeds before doing anything, he then changed some wires and swapped over the box on the wall. He re-tested the speeds – both the upload and download speeds doubled immediately. Result. And one happy customer!

Complaint to resolution was 24 hours

Customer service is of the upmost importance to me and I will leave brands and never use them again based on an experience of bad customer service. I was really impressed with this experience and would highly recommend TalkTalk to my friends and readers.

This is a collaborative post with TalkTalk.




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