The Best Board games in the World – From the UK Money Bloggers

Best Board Games in The World

Many of us are spending lots of time at home and its the time of the board game! Yes there is Netflix and endless box sets to get through but there is nothing better than a board game to keep everyone entertained for while and maybe even provide a bit of education! Here are the best board games in the world!

I am part of an incredibly supportive online community called the UK Money Bloggers and I asked them what their favourite board games were. So many to choose from.

Best Board Games in The World

The Game of Life

My personal favourite is The Game of Life. A game all about life choices, career, children, houses. Its a brilliant lesson for the children on the impact life decisions can have, and is also a good maths lesson too with all the money that is involved. Its a game that I grew up playing with my niece, so its the best to play it with my children now.

Best Board Games in The World

Trivial Pursuit

Helen loves trivial pursuit. She has a great Disney edition with adults on the classics and the kids on the latest movies. Her website is This Money Works.


Emma loves Pictionary – because I am the laughing stock of the family! As a numbers girl, drawing is not my strong point!! Her website is the Money Whisperer.


Joseph says it’s Gotta be Risk – good family fun and ideal for mapping the state of the world. His blog is Thrifty Chap

Uno Card Game

Collette says it has to be the Uno card game! It’s pretty easy in comparison to others but keeps us entertained for hours on holiday and can get very competitive! Her website is  Cash Back Collette.
Best Board Games in The World

Ticket to Ride

Dan absolutely loves a board game, something he has rediscovered a love of recently. Some of the ‘newer’ games are fantastic – personally he really likes Ticket to Ride, just a nice mix of strategy and luck. Pandemic is also fantastic but maybe not the best at the moment! His blog is Dan at The Financial Wilderness

Easy Money

Jo says her family have a brilliant 1980s board game called Easy Money and part of it involves guessing whether the stock market will go up or down, which seems quite apt. 😂 If you land on Greed you can steal money from other players so me and my sister used to be good at hiding money in our clothes and under the tablecloth! Her website is  Young Fun and Thrifty

Settlers of Catan

Faith says for older kids, we really enjoy Settlers of Catan, all about trading scarce resources and building settlements. The end results vary depending on whether you are willing to co-operate or just want to beat the other players. Her website is Much More With Less


Pete plays Payday. It’s good, because you can vary the length of the game. And my kids have to count for themselves! His blog is Household Moneysaving


Such a popular game with many of the UK Money Bloggers. Adam gave lots of reasons for its greatness! It teaches so many money lessons! Don’t be too quick spend all your money. Always keep some by for unexpected bills. Diversify your portfolio to keep some cash coming in. Bartering & haggling on the buying & selling too. Great game, but not saying it hasn’t ended in strops or tears at times. Lessons there too 😊. His blog is Money Savvy Daddy
Best Board Games in The World

Snacks and Ladders

Hayley says – My kids are quite little, so we play Noddy’s big day out, Snakes and Ladders and Ludo. If the kids are in bed sometimes we’ll crack out Dominion which is a good one that works well with just two players. Her website is  Miss Many Pennies


Sara says rummikub was a favourite with me and the kids. If you would like a game with less of a competitive element, Just One is great fun and the games are quite short. Her website is  Debt Camel


Maria says Cashflow! Absolutely. We used to play it with our son and by the age of 15 he was beating us. Now he has the basic rules of money. Whether he applies these is a different matter altogether. Marias blog is The Money Principle


Clair says it has got to be Articulate for me. It’s fun but also good for getting people think outside the box when it comes to describing things. I agree I also love this game, we had such fun at Christmas this year playing it. Her blog is  Thrifty Clair.
Best Board Games in The World

Killer Bunnies

Charlotte says Killer Bunnies! Not a board game but we love Killer Bunnies. It’s got dice and cards but is loads of fun. You can be winning all the way through and then lose at the end. Plus, there are several expansion packs so you can add them in as you go. She blogs at  Looking After Your Pennies


Corinna says she loves Hotel. Not as long or argument-inducing as monopoly but still a fun game to play. You try to build up hotels in different countries where you buy land, and hope that people land on your squares to pay to stay! She blogs at  Inspiring Life Design.

Maths & Spellings Games

Super Lucky Di says Carcassone, Labyrinth, Boggle, Banangrams & Yahtzee are great for the kids to practise maths & spelling! She has no doubt won all of these games!! Her blog is Super Lucky.


And we cant have this list without this classic game, and a very educational one at that. MUST dig out my game!
Martyna says – As I play with words in my day to day job (SEO manager) I love scrabble. She blogs at Money Saving Girl.


Solitaired isn’t just any old Solitaire site. There are over 500 versions to choose from, no need to download or register via email. It loads quickly and is mobile-friendly. Super easy to use with its point-and-click navigation and, each deck contains a fantastic design! These fun little classic games will help improve your reasoning, memory, and processing speed.

A brilliant list of games, dig them out and spend hours playing board games with the family!! And go visit some of the websites of the fellow bloggers mentioned, you will find some brilliant content and tons of ways to save and make money! Thank you everyone for your contribution.


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6 Responses

  1. This list has missed off so many great games. Looks like the author walked in to there local supermarket and picked games from the shelf. Ticket to ride and catan are good games, but the rest fall far from the mark.
    What about great family games like Takenoko, Hive, splendor, pandemic, carcassonne, Kingdomino, King of Tokyo, Disney Villainous, wingspan and many many more.
    It’s not hard to do research with the Internet. Check out the dice Tower, boardgamegeek, zatu, will Wheatons TableTop and others.
    There are so many available games outside the typical games that we all grew up with. Pop down to your local game store and see the wide range of games on offer to suit everyone.

  2. What a trash list of horribly mediocre games. Ticket to ride is by far the only one here that could even be considered playable. The rest are sad joyless imitations of games that only hurt people’s perception of what actual fun and enjoyable boardgames are. More research would definitely help with finding out what really makes a game good before you can start listing “the best games” that were on discount at Tesco.

  3. Anyway. Once you’ve got your head around the base game, you can shake things up with a special Legacy edition. This adds persistent consequences to each session, building a long-term story that’s entirely unique. It’s the perfect board game for adults .

  4. This is a classic strategy game that every family should own. Granted, it might not capture your eye amid the brightly coloured board games on sale but it quickly became a favourite for family games nights in our household. Participants play a card from their hand and then place a chip on a corresponding space on the game board. When you have five in a row, you’ve got a sequence. You can block your opponents by removing their chips.

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