The benefits of laminate flooring

The benefits of laminate flooring

Back in 2013 I did a huge house renovation. A two-story extension was added to the side of the house. A wall was knocked down to make the kitchen, dining room and living room one big open space. It felt like a perfect time to run the same flooring through from the hallway into the living room, kitchen, dining room and new utility room.

I looked into the cost of wooden flooring, but it was such a large space and square footage and the cost was far too high. Instead the decision was made to go for laminate flooring. It looked amazing back in 2013 and six year later it looks just as perfect.

Here are the benefits of laminate flooring in a busy family home.

It is super easy to lay and fit

Our laminate flooring was prepared and laid all in just half a day. I can only describe the process akin to completing a very simple jigsaw puzzle. And to be honest I probably could have done it myself. There was an underlay that went down and then the laminate was laid piece by piece.

The benefits of laminate flooring

It is great value for money

Our laminate square footage is around 50 to 60 square metres and it cost around £1000 for the laminate flooring. The fitting cost was on top of this. Of course this is six years ago and is most likely costs a bit more now, you can check out the prices at Direct Wood Flooring for cheap laminate flooring.

It is hard wearing

A lot goes on in this busy house with three young boys. Constant games, balls, things being dropped. Drawing on the floor, dents, heavy furniture. Not one of these things has caused any marks or impacts on the laminate flooring. And believe me, it has been heavily tested.

We also have cats so there have been a few toilet accidents, thinking about it the same accidents  with the boys as well. Liquid has been sat on the flooring for a few hours. Even with this, no water marks or any other marks. Impressive.

Just last week the boys decided to create a racing track made of brown sticky tape. They peeled it off and it left marks all over the floor. A bit of a scrub with a towel and warm water and it was gone!

It looks amazing

We went for a dark oak wood effect laminate flooring and it looks beautiful. It flows through all the rooms wonderfully. And matched all types and colours of furniture. We are really pleased with the look and feel.

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  1. Love this! Thank you for sharing, I totally agree that laminate flooring is the best option to go for when making home improvements! The cost is definitely worthwhile to reduce mess and increase longevity!

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