OhMyDosh Review – A Great way to Earn Money for Nothing

OhMyDosh Review

I am always on the look out for clever ways to earn some extra money. We can all do with an extra £50 or £100 in our pockets, can’t we? I am currently working on a £1000 challenge, where I am trying to make an extra £1000 from side-hustles inspired by the wonderful blogger Emma Drew. This includes eBay/Facebook sales and this OhMyDosh money will add nicely to my total. I am at £200 out of £1000 so far with mainly eBay sales.

OhMyDosh is a fabulous directory of many products and services and they will pay you a bonus to sign up for them. The website is so simple to navigate and find the offers that are perfect for you. It is very pink but I will forgive them for that as they have also included cute Pug pictures. The pug features heavily in their Twitter and Instagram as well, cute April Fools here!

Let me give you a few examples of things that I like the look of.

Recipe boxes

I am keen to try a few different recipe boxes. A couple of years ago we subscribed to Hello Fresh for around 6 months. We loved it and ate so well; the food was very good and it was so so convenient. If I wanted to re-subscribe (probably using a different email address!) via OhMyDosh I can claim a 50% off my first box offer, plus I would earn £5 in my OhMyDosh account!

The Mindful chef is another one I have seen pop up a lot on social media. I would like to give this one a try. The OhMyDosh offer is save £10 on my first order, plus I get £5 added to my OhMyDosh account.

Amazon Prime

I love Amazon Prime and have been a member for around four years. Of course, this means that Amazon is my go to place for online shopping is normally Amazon, so they make lots of money from me, but I do price check big items. Amazon prime membership is £79.99 and that gets me free delivery, amazon prime music and amazon film. I get my moneys worth. If you sign up via OhMyDosh you get the 30-day free trial to see if you like it, plus an extra £9 from OhMyDosh.

Now TV Pass

I notice this one as its freebie trial offer where you get 14 days for free plus £10 into your OhMyDosh account. You do need to sign up for the payment option but the £10 should more than cover this first payment. I am going to take advantage of this when Jumanji becomes available in sky cinema. The boys are desperate to watch it and this way I’ll be paid for them to watch it!

Audible Trial

Another thing I have been thinking about subscribing too. I have the biggest list of books I want to read and spend a lot of time in the car driving to football. Audible will mean I can listen whilst I drive, and the boys will get to learn stuff too. Many of the books I was to read are business books and self-development books.

The audible trial offer is 50% off for the first three months, taking it to £3.99 rather than £7.99. I easily read one or two books each month and normally buy them, so this would save me money. Plus, you get a £3.50 bonus into your OhMyDosh account.

If I signed up to all of these offers already mentioned I would already have £32.50 in my oh my dosh account. Paying money out for products or services that I already wanted or was considering buying. Free money is the best!

Freebie Signups

There are a few freebie products that you can sign up to earn money, there is currently at least £50 to be earnt from offers that require no spend, offers you can sign up to and then cancel before the money is taken. There are opinion sites that just want your views via questionnaires. And they will pay for you to sign up!

The Rules

Each offer clearly states the terms and conditions of the offer. Some payments do take a few weeks, sometimes months to become payable. So be sure to read these terms carefully.

There is a minimum pay-out rule, but this is just £10. Just two or three offers wills get you to £10. You can then transfer the balance into your current account. Nice.

If you join using this link you will get £1 added to your account and I will get £5 for referring you. Thank you for doing this.

For an alternative way of earning some extra money go visit Carefulcents and her post on way to make money fast.

This is a collaborative post and contains affiliate links as mentioned.


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2 Responses

  1. Hi Lynn
    Interesting website, thank you very much for sharing. I would like to try it out. Would you please be able to advise what the following t&c means: ‘the trial must be taken in full’. Amazon prime for example requires this. I read it as the 30days trial needs to pass before cancelling. If that is the case, can we cancel trials with other websites before the end where the ‘must be taken in full’ rule is not stated (e.g. Which? or Playster). I would be a bit disappointed if losing out due to the misinterpretation. Many thanks

    1. I recommend that you reach out to the Oh my dosh customer services, they are super helpful with these type of queries.

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