Monday Money #116 Last Week of my Summer of Fun

Last week saw me spend five more days on holiday, my last week of my summer of fun. I am going to save all the details of the Isles of Scilly for separate posts on my website, but I will 100% acknowledge that it is the most beautiful place on earth. I am so grateful that I got to experience so much of what the islands had to give in 5 days.

Summer of fun - paradise st. martins

It should have been 7, but the seas and winds had other thoughts. They obviously thought that I needed to spend three days in Penzance rather than just the one!

I did actually manage some money saving whilst on holiday. My last three days were by myself and I spent much of the time walking around St. Marys and St. Martins exploring beaches. 100% free. I took full advantage of the ‘eat out to help out’ offers on the Mon to Wed, including a wonderful dinner at The Hall Hotel. And I used my American Express card where it was accepted to get £5 cash back when I spent more than £10.

Beef Wellington

I browsed the galleries and very nearly committed £300 to a new painting, but then thought no Lynn, you have taken some incredible pictures, get them printed out and framed and display them instead. Real life memories of the beauty of Scillies beaches, coastal rocks, flowers and wildlife and my summer of fun.

I have put so many pictures onto Instagram, please go check them out, and be sure to follow me, if you havnt already. Instagram is my favourite social media where I have 13k followers now.

My Article in The Sun -Packed Lunches for less than £10

I wrote another piece for Fabulous magazine and The Sun published last week, on the day I spent on St.Martins. There was no mobile phone reception so was trying to keep on top of the messaged and social media at various points during the day!

I devised packed lunches to feed three children for five days for less than £10. Including some homemade goodies such as chicken pasta salad, frittata and wraps. Including pictures of everything and a video of me chatting though the food and costs.

Garden Goodies & Cornish Beaches

My last day in Cornwall really did embody the best things in life are free. I spent the afternoon sat on a rock in Priests cove near Cape Cornwall. Sunbathing and talking to an old friend. We didn’t spend a penny. That evening was spent at my friend Sophie’s house. She cooked dinner for Sarah and I, we were best of friends age 15 to 18. I took a bottle of wine, my contribution to dinner.

I left early the next morning to drive back to Hertfordshire, leaving with goodies from Sophie’s veg garden, a huge courgette, bordering on marrow, runner beans and salad onions. Lush. I will enjoy turning them into beautiful food this week!

My Book Launch is HERE

I arrived back home just in time to collect my books from the printer and just before my boys returned home for five days. Saturday saw the boys and I run a process line of book packaging. Printing out address labels and packaging so many books going out to everyone who placed a pre-order.

1st Sept is my book launch day, so please do order away. From my website I would prefer. The book will be available on Amazon but it wont be signed, and is a little more expensive as Amazon take a huge cut. They take 30% of my profits. Grrrr. I know the book needs to be on Amazon, but I object to the huge cut they take.

Thank you for your support as always, without you readers none of this would be possible and I can’t wait to hear what you think about the book.

Here is what personal finance expert Pete Matthew, found of Meaningful Money had to say about the book.

“From the heart and from real, gritty experience, this book is crammed with actionable tips to help turn your financial life around – highly recommended!”

Mrs Mummypenny Talks Podcast – Jennifer Broadley Founder of Healthy Chat

I published my chat with Jennifer Broadley last week. Jennifer is the found of Healthy Chat Human Givens Psychotherapy. And she was my therapist back in June. So worth a listen, we both get a bit emotional at times.

Such an amazing natural conversation about feminism, therapy, divorce, women doing it all.

Mrs Mummypenny is Trademarked

Finally in year 8 of trading I got round to applying for my Trademark. I now own the Trademark Mrs Mummypenny (plus Ms and Miss) for all sort of business classes including books and journalism.

Mrs Mummypenny is now a fully fledged grown up with trademark, new logo, amazing website and book.

Thank you for reading, don’t forgot you can now order my book and receive it straight away. Just give me a couple of days to get it in the post to you! Signed and posted all the way from Mrs Mummypenny towers!


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