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I had all the time in the world to write this post yesterday, Monday. But I didn’t! However  I did manage to get two posts written for clients and sent off for approval. Yesterday was a total winning day. I also did one meeting in the car driving to Cambridge and stopped for five minutes mid-journey to chat to the Antonio on the BBC Three Counties drive time show about spending money on nights out.

So how was last week:-) Manic. June/July are super busy times. Everyone wants lots of work before the summer holiday begin. Which is amazing. But its very full on. 12 hour days or longer are the norm. My days are packed full of negotiations, meetings, emails. Not much time is left for the actual creation of content. This is soon going to change as things are in motion to help with negotiations and email management. Soon to be revealed.

Matching the artwork


A brand new challenge for July is go plastic free for the WHOLE month – follow my progress on Twitter #plasticfreejuly. I am one day in and can I tell you how hard it is?! It means no single use plastic products can be used for a whole 31 days. The aim being a whole month will teach me new way and I can make a change to use less/no single use plastic from July 2019 onwards.

I was reminded often on 1st July of things that my mum used to do. Cereal would go into large plastic contains, we had milk bottles delivered, all meat came from the butchers, veg was always loose. I can do this. 

I am going a big environmental drive, I have a post going live very soon about many big things you can do to make a difference to the environment as an individual. Pick and chose the things that suit you life, or do them all. We can on MASS make a difference.

School Sports Days

Last week saw me go to the last sports day. 6 hours of standing on the school field watch the boys throw beanbags. Yep 6 hours. Each sports day end with competitive sprints and cross country. I love these races and I am the loudest mum cheering on my boys. They all came home with lots of 1st,2nd, 3rd place stickers. Jack, my youngest, came first in sprint and 2nd in cross country. I totally did know he was that fast!! He finally starts football this year, he will go into the U7 year group and starts three years after his older brothers. But you know logistics of three boys is tough. Dont judge me;-)

Boot Camp

I have started boot camp again with Victoria at Future Fit. Its a great summer time activity where we use the playground equipment for exercises and do lots of running. Good way to release any pent up aggression on a Tuesday night. I did the clean eating plan at the end of May with Victoria so wanted to carry on some of her classes. She has a wonderful group of women who go to her classes and we bonded over clean eating, digestion problems and weight loss! It costs £10 per session, so its not the cheapest of fitness activities. but I like it. And you should absolutely prioritise spending on your body.

I saw this picture and it made me realise that actually my body is looking slim. I have huge body dismorphia:-( I still think I look like I did 5 years ago where I was 4 stone over weight/obese.

Paddling Pool

It was hot, hot, hot last week and it was time to get out the huge pool, clean it up and fill it with water. My wonderful friends Gem & Matt gifted this pool last summer as they didnt use it. And all we have to do is keep the chemicals topped up every day to ensure the water stays clean and hygenic. The chemicals were £25 for a box of everything you need from The Range. 

The boys had the most amazing weekend in the pool, and spent around 10 hours per day splashing, running, floating, swimming. And I got this donut for £5 from Aldi.

Bubele Event

I had a very lovely meeting in the Conduit club with Event Organisers Bubele last week to talk about a wonderful event for women next week on 10th July. I will be there and I would love to many of you readers there as well. Its at the Allbright club in Mayfair. There will be drinks, networking and an evening of learning. In Work Your Money, Honey 2, they will be delving into how your ‘money mindset’ can dictate your approach to money and planning for th future. A slight shift in mindset can help to lay the foundations of successful money management. 

I love the sound of this and cant wait to hear from the three female speakers. To get you ticket go to Eventbright here and use code Bubelefriend to get a nice discount. Tiks are just over £15 with discount.

Create Your Own Happy Book

I bought this book, Create Your Own Happy a few months back when my friends Becky and Penny wrote it. It has come into fruition this week with Josh going through a tough time. He has embraced the book, taken it into school to show his teachers. He has made a calm box, full of his calm toys and his book. And has made this calm tent. I got him a himalayan salt lamp to aid with his calmness. It was £20, these lamps are great!


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