Monday Money #171 An Incredible Week – Glastonbury & Bristol

I love how life can go from the awful to the sublime. Last week I wrote about an awful week. And it was truly awful. This week I write about the most amazing week, full of love, joy, inspiration and reflection.

I had three days of much work. Several deadlines coincided with half term. My fault as I set my deadlines, but hey ho. Live and learn. This meant that I was working early doors until lunchtime every day from Monday to Wednesday despite having my boys at home with me. I threw money at the situation. We went to Crazy Golf, we went to Wagamama’s and Toby Carvery, we went out for long walks and did what we could to make extra time.

It was a wonderful few days, but I did cane a small fortune.

Wednesday arrived with date night. My treat, beautiful steaks from Trussell’s butchers and free champagne thanks to Aldi and their Christmas event in September. I had been saving it for a special occasion. Ben, (he has a name), had just had a big qualification confirmed and champagne was necessary.

Then Thursday and my holiday arrived. A mini break for four days to Bristol and Glastonbury. I stayed with best friend Becky (AKA Ridley Writes) in Bristol for three nights with a two day, one night trip to Glastonbury on the Friday and Saturday.

This was the holiday that I desperately needed after a very busy few weeks, much stress and anger with things happening around me trying to take me down. Plus complex medical issues still under investigation. Oh and yep that house sale and purchase stress that has been dragging on forever.

Going to stay with Bec is always incredible, she looks after me, like best friend does. I knew I would have three nights of conversation and fun, but also beautifully cooked food, drinks on tap, amusing convo with Dr. Dave, drawing pictures with daughter no 1 and a refusal to hold my hand from son no 2 (who is three, and named me peoples, Lynn is hard for a three year old to be fair). Long slow doggo walks with the new puppy and a cat that moved into my bedroom to get away from the busy house, (he tried to sneak into my bag for the journey back to Hertfordshire).

Bec very kindly dropped me to Glastonbury on the Friday morning and left me to my alone time and self discovery or 30 hours or so. I had booked a beautiful cabin in a central Glastonbury garden for the Friday night, costing me a huge £40. It was perfect.

I spent a few hours exploring Glastonbury. Returning to my favourite places. My first stop was to see if Sharna at the purple tarot room (opposite Boots on High St) was free for a reading. She was. I spent an hour with her having my Tarot and Oracle cards read. Key messages were a change of business focus is imminent. I MUST Focus, focus, focus. My sister is going to be fine. My mum is there watching and supporting everything. And to remember there is always hope with family situations causing me difficulties.

I left Sharna feeling at peace. I went straight to Crystals and bought myself the ring that called to me. Half price too. I had the most incredible lunch from The Deli, an incredible ploughman’s. Yes I found a non vegan cafe in Glastonbury! And browsed a few more shops packed to the brim with witchy excitement. I was in heaven. And spending a small fortune. At 3:30pm I decided that enough was enough and returned to my cabin, armed with water and a slice of Victoria sponge for my dinner. My ploughman’s was huge, I didn’t think I would need more food!

I had no TV and no laptop in my cabin. But I did have a comfy warm bed, my phone and a book. I may have messaged a few friends begging them to call me to relieve my boredom. I survived. It was delightful being alone with the hammering rain on the roof of the cabin.

On Saturday I was awake at 5am, standard, and had a long three hour wait before day break and I could go out for my planned run up Glastonbury Tor. What a run, what a steep climb up that 200 m tor!! Its steep, very steep, far too steep for me to run. But I did get in a 4km run/walk and adored it. Early morning at the top of Glastonbury Tor is a beautiful thing, especially with the sun peaking through the clouds, a women chanting and me practising yoga in bare feet on highly energised ground. I literally felt on top of the world.

My main purpose of visit to Glasto was to meet up with my friend Georgie and a circle of women to learn and embody the Yoni Oracle Cards. I interviewed Georgie during 2020 lockdown about the beauty of her cards and have been using them as guidance since I bought them. This course was a full introduction to the meaning and beauty of the cards with 12 women in a circle.

I can’t share just how wonderful it was. The honesty, the emotion, the support and the love was overwhelming. I adored it and the six hours flew by. I felt as light as a feather walking away from Glastonbury that afternoon to the bus back to Bristol.

This blog post was written on Sunday inspired by the Yoni of Compassion who keeps appearing for me, every time I pull a card. A card of self care and self forgiveness. A story about compassion for me.

Sunday was Halloween, a day of roast beef, doggo walks, witch make-up and dress up and trick or treating. It would have been a teeny bit more perfect if I’d had my boys with me too.

The Appalachian challenge continues

Team Appalachian are up to 304km, (I have completed 68 of these since the 22nd Oct when we started) of the 3168km virtual challenge. Four women Eve, Kathryn and Mel and I are all walking, running, cycling our way to this rather long distance. Stretch challenge by 31st Dec, we’ll see how that is going. I think its totally possible if we all get out on our bikes.

We are raising £7,500 for Grief Encounter, my favourite charity that supports children who have lost their parents, a charity that I wish had been around back in 1993. If you would like to support us please donate here and don’t forget to gift aid for an extra bonus. THANK YOU

Family Money Saving Podcast

Last weeks podcast was all about Family Money Saving with Nicola Richardson of Frugal Cottage. It was a brilliant discussion about all thing family and with five boys between us, we know our stuff. We talked baby life, toddler life, primary school then secondary school. We talked uniforms, financial education, after school activities, holidays, second hand clothes. Everything family and money. Great episode.

You can listen here

Or you can watch us on YouTube

My Spending Last Week

As you can imagine with my spending frenzy in Glastonbury, I spent a fair bit. The week came in at £666, slightly scary number as it was Halloween last week!

Food and Groceries

£198 went into food last week, yep a lot. There was Wagamama’s and Toby Carvery with the boys in half term (we all love both of these places and I can eat super yummy healthy food in Wagamama’s), plus other bits £75. Plus my eating out in Glastonbury where I spent another £46 on two lunches, coffees and breakfast. There was an additional £75 spent on groceries. Fancy date night steak, wine to go with Sunday roast dinner and other bits. I have spent a lot more in previous weeks when we had just come out of lockdown FOR SURE!

Fun Money

A big chunk of fun money on my Glasto goodies, artwork, purple hearts, a tarot/oracle card reading, my ring. This lots came to £146 and I don’t regret any of these purchases! But I am glad that I walked away and returned to my peaceful quiet cabin to contemplate the day and stop with the spending!

Remember that my ring was 50% off, £45 rather than £90. I got 3 stunning pieces of Yoni Oracle card art for a multi-buy £20 offer. And I got a very cute unicorn money box for my five year old witch twin.


I don’t get my hair cut that often, every four months and whilst Dan is at my house cutting my hair, I got the boys hair done too. £80 spent on haircuts. Much better value for money having a mobile hairdresser than going to the salon. PS I colour my own hair using a permanent dye two for £9 every six weeks.

School Trips Payments and Pocket Money

My eldest is off to Paris in April 2022. WHY are school trips so damn expensive? This is 4 days, one child, hockey trip £795! Thankfully I’m only paying for half of it. £110 instalment paid last week. £10 pocket money went to the Go Henry cards for pocket money.

Other Costs

We spent £28 on Mr. Mulligans crazy golf, we did the jungle course. Not bad value for money, good fun and kept everyone happy for an hour. Eldest won, as he always does in any sporting challenge. I find golf ever so frustrating. Ice creams at the end for everyone.

Business costs came to £59, mainly travel and accommodation costs. Plus £24 went to my Plum auto savings.

So yes £666 spent and a wonderful week to go with it. I have seen a shift. Things are moving in a different more positive direction and I love it.


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