Monday Money #165 Christmas in September and A Girlie Day in London

Last week felt like it went by in a flash. It was super busy with work commitments and some fun social events. I love a busy week, I feel like I achieved so much!

Christmas Event!

A highlight was Christmas in September, I attended a big PR event in Islington with lots of brands showcasing their Christmas products. Brands like Paperchase, Homebase, Lapland UK and Hobby Craft. I was in Christmas heaven and spend such a fun four hours talking to actual people in real life about the trends for Christmas. I will be writing a full post soon, but I cant wait to share some brilliant content about things like a sustainable Christmas, a treat Christmas and a homemade Christmas.

And I got to meet Matt Edmonson and his brother-in-law, we chatted a lot about his games business. Plus we played his actual games which are really very simple, but so much fun, aren’t those game the best?! And I really loved our business discussion!

Girlie Day in London

It was a mostly childfree week this week with them at their dads so I made the most of the time and went to the gym a lot, ate super well and met my friend Anita for drinks, shopping and dinner in London. I spent a fair bit, but refrained from going anywhere near Prada. We had such a fun day, where we got our make up done, for free at Bobbi Brown. We had champagne in the Selfridges champagne bar and had dinner in Mayfair (for free but we’ll get onto that later).

New Podcast is Launched

Mrs Mummypenny Talks is back for season 4 and this series I will be talking to the best experts in the business about all things personal finance. I have taken each chapter from my book and bringing in experts to share their knowledge and tips with you on each subject. You can listen to the launch episode here, with me sharing more about the planned series, along with my story. My own personal story, gritty and heart wrenching, as described by good friend Pete Matthew. But I wanted to demonstrate how much my upbringing an events have affected my money mindset. The same will apply to you, what we learn in out childhood affects so much of our adult money mindset.

I always record my podcast on video to pop them on my YouTube channel as well. You can watch if you would rather. I can’t wait to share subject like Money Mindset with Laura Ann Moore as my guest (already recorded and its incredible!), or Budgeting with Faith Archer, or Debt with Sara Williams. So much incredible content all to celebrate my book The Money Guide to Transform Your Life.

House Update

Not much to say. I lost the house that I wanted. There was a hugely unethical process where despite me being highest offer I was being used. I had been told that the previous buyer had dropped out of the process, they hadn’t. My offer was used to force them to up their offer and exchange quickly. I was pretty raging when I found out and took to Twitter to share my story. A great conversation ensued, including property guru Kirsty Allsopp.

I am viewing more properties this week, hopefully I find the dream house V2 and it will be better.

Saving Money on Petrol and Driving

I shared this rather fabulous post on Saturday about saving money when driving. I collected tips from fellow personal finance experts. There was so much to learn from others and I am putting everything into practise, as I spend a fortune on petrol (I know this from my spending diaries!).

Back to the Spending Diary

A day Girlie Day in London

I had a really good spending week before we take the Saturday in London into account! Lets get out of the way and start with my spending on Saturday. I spent a huge total of £6.75 on the train, its properly cheap on a Saturday plus a 33% discount for my Network rail card. The walk from Kings Cross to Oxford circus isn’t far and I saved on the tube fare and I get my steps in. I bought a book on route to meet Anita, a book about mermaids from Waterstones, £8.99. I have the Waterstones app and I am 5 stamps away from a £10 voucher, equivalent to 10% back.

We met in a pub and had gin and snacks. I spent £21, £10 for a G&T, London prices! We then went to Oxford St John Lewis for a FREE beauty appointment at the Bobbi Brown counter. We both our eyes done and it was amazing. You are under no pressure to buy, but I did buy some new lipstick, mascara and a wing liner brush, £65 spent with a 10% price matching discount.

We then had a look at the clothes and tried on a few bits. I bought a very beautiful Hush dress for £99. I’ve not taken pictures yet. I will and will pop them on Instagram. This is more than I would normally spend on a dress, but I promise its worth it. And Anita loved it too. We cleverly managed to negotiate 10% off Anita’s shirt purchase as it has a make up stain on it. Always ask for a discount if you spot the tiniest thing wrong on an item you are going to buy. You won’t be able to get a refund, but you will save some cash.

We hopped on over to Selfridges and got a glass of champers and then rose from the champagne bar. And chilled for a bit before dinner. We spent £37 each on drinks, Selfridges champagne bar is a proper treat. We then wondered over to Mayfair for dinner that was free of charge. A very long story that’s not worth repeating, although some of it leaked onto Twitter;-). Was to do with a guy I was dating, but no longer am. But we got a lovely free dinner and drinks then went home.

Total spend for girlie day in London was £240. Mmmm that quite a lot of money. Hey ho, there’s at least £100 of saving in there with discounts, loyalty cards and free dinner. Ha. I never said that I was a frugal blogger, but I know how to save money pretty much everywhere!

Food Spend

Grocery spend for the week was tiny at £54, and that included my latest box of Mindful Chef food. 4 meals for £24, this does include a £10 referral discount. If any of you lovely readers sign up to Mindful Chef using me as your referrer, just use my email address, I get a £10 credit and YOU will save 25% off your first four boxes. I do love my Mindful Chef recipes.

Eating out was £98 but that includes the drinks from Saturday, plus lunch on Thursday with Jordon, Coupon kid, Cox. And more champagne after the Christmas event on Wednesday at Searcy’s in St. Pancras station! I do love a glass of rose champagne.

Football Spends

My eldest son normally goes on several European football tours with his club, but covid has ruled that out. Instead next week he goes to Liverpool for on overnight mini tour. This was £60 for hotel and food, not bad was that cost.

A Middle of the Night Purchase

Never go onto Instagram in the middle of the night, when you are suffering from house buying related stress. As you will end up buying stuff. Yep I spent £48 on two dresses from some random site that I’ve never heard of. They haven’t arrived yet. This could be a huge waste of £48:-(. Classic case of emotional spending.

Other Random Spends

I have on ongoing illness which is requiring me to spend a lot at the chemist, another £17 this week. The doctors are trying to sort it out. The only bill I paid this week was £15 life insurance. I had an £85 business expenses week. The main spend within this was £55 on an Instagram course. I love Instagram, by far my favourite social media and where I get so much engagement. It changes all the time. Social Pip who lives near by is running face to face course again with the Bumblebee collective so I signed up. I am excited to learn and eat good croissants!

Total Spend

My total spend for last week was £558, including that £240 spend in London. Just the one £48 middle of night, tired, stressed purchase. My spending is well and truly on its way down.

See you again next week! Watch out or a post I’ll be sharing soon about why I am doing a 28 day no alcohol challenge with team from OYNB (One Year No Beer). I am currently on day two, with not much to share. But I am feeling good, I can totally nail a 28 days break from the booze and am really looking forward to all the extra weight loss, money saved, less anxiety and time that I get back from no hangovers.

My non alcoholic goodies and my book to help me get through it


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