Making your money work for you – a millennial’s guide

Making your money work for you – a millennial’s guide

I am passionate about sharing personal finance information with the masses. I have worked with Equilibrium on a few pieces of content on my website and really like the message they are sharing and how they communicate. These videos are just the type of content to simply explain some perceived complicated areas of personal finance. Have a watch and see what you think.

Over to Equilibrium and a post by Andy Baker, Partner & Chartered Financial at Equilibrium Asset Management.

Planning for retirement and your financial future may not be the top of every young person’s to-do list. With the increasing cost of buying a home, coupled with the desire to travel and enjoy life in the here-and-now, ensuring financial security for decades ahead hardly seems a priority.

The Importance of Pensions and Savings

However, the importance of pensions and savings should never be underestimated. As people are living longer, it’s more vital than ever to ensure a better quality of life as we age.

A recent survey carried out by Equilibrium Asset Management revealed that, despite the importance of planning for retirement, 81% of millennials – those aged between 22 and 37 years old in 2018 – do not have a savings or pensions goal in place. What’s more, the survey revealed that just 26% of millennials view retirement as a key priority for their future.

Therefore, we’ve created a series of videos to explain several key financial planning concepts, helping young people to make sense of the opportunities available to them.


Pensions are an essential part of life but are brushed under the carpet by many millennials. Saving for a pension may not be as complicated or demanding as you believe. In this video, Partner and Chartered Financial Planner Paul Farrugia explains that starting to save today doesn’t need to be difficult.


The Equilibrium survey found that 86% of millennials do not have any investments, with the majority of these saying they didn’t have any spare income to invest with. In this video, Chartered Financial Planner Ben Rogers discusses how to set aside small amounts of money for first-time investments.

Retirement planning

The difference between pensions and retirement planning is considerable. However, many people don’t realise the importance of financial planning in early life. Here, Partner and Chartered Financial Planner Andy Baker explains the concept of retirement planning, along with the best strategies for young savers.

Preparing for your children’s future

Serious life events such as death or illness may not be something that young people want to think about. But a rainy day plan is vital for ensuring loved ones are looked after should the worst happen. In this video, Partner and Financial Planner Jason Lowe discusses the simple steps that can be taken to start protecting your future.

Disclaimer: The content contained in this blog, and the videos it links to, represent the opinions of Equilibrium Asset Management team. None of this information constitutes a recommendation. Please contact your adviser before taking any action. This is a collaborative post.


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  1. You’re right, saving a percentage of your salary is the success of life in your old age. My grandfather spent his whole life saving, and by the time he was 40, he was able to stop working and live only on the dividends from those savings. At the end, he started studying video editing and bought himself a not-so-expensive then I remember how for his wife’s birthday he made her a very good film out of old videotapes that we had already forgotten about.

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