Ideas for Bank Holiday amusement and my Summer holiday Highlights

Summer Holidays are nearly over…hurrah shout some mummies and daddies. Boo shout others. My two eldest return on Wed 4th Sept, so we still have a few more days to make the most of the sun, playdates and no school.  We have done loads of great things this holiday, so I thought I’d share some photos and experiences. And maybe give you some ideas for bank holiday amusement or the last few days of summer holidays.

Tower of London2014-07-27 11.52.07

Brilliant day out for everyone, grown ups and children. I learnt loads about the history of London and royalty and the wars. I chatted to the Beefeaters, got up close to bearskins, went to the torture chamber, saw the powerful sea of poppies for the commeration of WW1. And the crown jewels really are astounding, so beautiful for girl who quite likes pretty diamonds, rubies and emeralds:-) The children loved it…especially the torture chamber 😉

2014-07-27 14.46.46

Kew Gardens

We drove to Kew, parked at Elizabeth gate for free;-) There is so much going on at Kew. Plantasia is all about how plants are used in medicine, for food, for clothing..plants really are the source of so many things. The boys loved it. They climbed the 300 steps top the top of the pagoda. We did the barefoot walk through mud, sand, pinecones, water. We did the treetop walk on the swaying path 100 ft in the air (on a windy day!) and visited the huge greenhouses to look at the rainforest and dessert. We met the scientists of Kew and extracted chloroform from plants and played croquet. Brilliant day out.

2014-08-02 15.24.59

2014-08-02 11.41.26
The Theatre

I booked tickets for `children go free’ week. We went to the Garrick theatre on Charing Cross road to see Let it Be. I wondered Beatles, Abba or Michael Jackson and figured the Beatles were timeless, they needed their first intro to the great band:-) Dylan, 6, loved it and was dancing along, even knew some of the songs, but Josh, 4, was a tad too young. He danced around for a bit, then got bored. He lasted 30 minutes. Alas my hubby went wondering around the theatre and the ushers took pity and let them sit in a box for the rest of the show:-) Josh’s favourite bit was the icecream in the interval.
2014-08-15 20.16.27

2014-08-15 20.41.14

And Finally The Beach

We have just spent 4 days in Penzance, 3 of those on Sennen Beach, 1 day at Porthcurnow. Beautiful, amazing, stunning..I run out of descriptive words…photos describe it better…I’m so fortunate to come from Penzance where my sister still lives and we get free accomodation every year!

2014-08-18 14.03.01

2014-08-18 15.28.22

2014-08-19 12.25.09

Hope you like my summer holiday pics:-)


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