How To Make Your Yoga Fashion Extra Fab

This 2019, it is time for a big change. It is time to welcome a year of finesse and fashion. Working out doesn’t need to leave you looking drained and exhausted. You can keep fit without sacrificing your looks – especially when you’re doing an equally fabulous exercise routine: Yoga. I love to practise yoga, it keeps me fit, supple and flexible. And helps calm my mind.

Why Yoga?

You may think that yoga completely fails as an exercise. I’m sure you’re thinking “Is it even possible to lose my love handles by doing a couple of inventive stretches?” Or you may be overwhelmed by doubts of its “self-healing” effects. Well, I’m telling you here and now that yoga is, in fact, an effective way to lose weight and it also helps you spiritually. Read more about its benefits here:

The poses that you have to achieve while doing yoga are designed for different purpose, all of which having a positive impact on your physical and mental state. Yoga being compared to artistic gymnastics isn’t anything new, really. And truth be told, there really is no harm in thinking that yoga somehow works or reflects the basics of gymnastics. After all, even gymnastics will tell you that there are advantages in maintaining our bodies’ flexibility. It prevents our joints from going bad, encourages muscle regrowth and rebuilding, improves bone structure and spine alignment, as well as maintains our body mass. Fat has no room in an active and flexible body – especially when a person practices or works out consistently.

Yoga is basically an exercise that combines flexible movements with internal connections. It improves breathing, physical strength, and most importantly, it helps people get in touch with the inner workings of their minds. Yoga doesn’t only help you become physically fit. It also helps you improve overall vitality (read more), giving you a better sense of self.

But of course, doing an exercise as chic as yoga only requires you to look equally fabulous as well! Yoga is in no way an exercise you can do in baggy sweats and soiled trainers. If you want to feel good, you have to start by looking the part. Don’t you agree?

All we can do to help you in your fitness journey is to teach you the very basics of Yoga Fashion. Never have to look like a worn out mum again by following these amazing doll-up tricks!

Think Flattering Not Suffocating

The common idea people have about yoga outfits is that they have to be so skin tight that the person wearing them looks like a musubi – that’s a Japanese rice dish, by the way. True enough, one can do yoga better wearing elastic clothing; the kind that hugs the skin and moves with the body. It gives you more comfort when doing difficult or challenging stretches and allows you to bend, raise, and twist your body as you please. Outfits made of spandex material should do well for the job. However, make sure that they’re not too tight! There’s a limit to how much fabric – no matter what kind it is – can stretch. Do your clothes some justice and choose what fits your frame. It should be tight enough to look flattering but also loose enough to feel comfortable. You can check out online shops like Om & Ah – yoga inspired clothing to find something that fits and looks right.

Mix & Match Complimenting Colours

If there is one thing the fashion police is so adamant about, it’s colours. You simply cannot match a red top to violet leggings. It just isn’t right. Colour combinations are kind of major when we talk fashion. You have to blend the right ones if you want to achieve the right style. For yoga sessions, we advise that you keep your “playfulness” with colours to a minimum. You may like your hues popping and vibrant but others may not particularly appreciate your “distracting” look. After all, when you’re doing yoga with a group, you have to consider how others will feel about your choice of clothes as well. Try mono or dual tone matches. Neutral colours such as beige, cream, black, grey, and brown work pretty well too. They’re also pretty easy to match with brighter colours, allowing your outfit to emanate a sense of balance. Wear a pale yellow top with some black leggings and off-white leg warmers or pair a beige leotard with a white jogger pants. Colour is power!

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