How to clean parquet floors?

How to clean parquet floors?

Parquet flooring is considered the most common type of wooden flooring. They are used by everyone. Not only this but these floorings are considered very economical. Typically, they cost about £3-£5 per square foot, which is very inexpensive. Another reason behind the popularity of these flooring is their durability. On average, parquet flooring last for at least 10 to 15 years, depending upon the quality. Although parquet flooring is considered the best flooring, there is a problem with it which is cleaning. How to clean parquet floors is difficult for some people. Well, it will not be difficult for you after reading this article. 

  1. Regular cleaning:

In the case of parquet floors, the most effective tip to keep them neat and tidy is to clean them regularly. Parquet floors are famous in terms that they can become dirty very easily. Regularly cleaning them will not allow any dust or mud to stay on the floor for a long time. When the dust particles stay on the flooring, they may damage the shining of the floor. Also, if you will clean your parquet floors regularly, you will not face any kind of difficulty while thoroughly cleaning the flooring as there is no debris stuck in the flooring. 

If any kind of food or liquid spills on the floor, you should clean it as soon as possible. Parquet is hardwood floorings, and commonly, they are not waterproof. So, it is best to clean it immediately. Also, if any liquid or food stays on the flooring for a long time, it will damage the flooring. To avoid any kind of damage, you should do a regular sweeping of the floor. If your family is large, then you should clean it 2-3 a day. 

  • Thorough cleaning:

Although regular cleaning is very important and helps a lot in thorough cleaning, we all know that we cannot manage our parquet flooring without complete cleaning. We can say that thorough cleaning is way more important than regular cleaning. You should keep in mind that thorough cleaning will take some time and effort. So, make sure you have enough time before starting. For thorough cleaning, you will need a vacuum cleaner and a piece of cloth for mopping. 

First of all, clean all the floor with the help of a vacuum. By vacuuming, you will remove all of the dust particles stuck in the cracks and in the spaces where two parquet sheets are joined together. The vacuuming process will pull out the debris and will clean your parquet flooring. Next, you will need to mop the floor. As we already know that parquet flooring is not waterproof so, be careful while mopping. Mop the floor and make it dry immediately. 


By doing regular cleaning one or more than once a day and doing thorough cleaning every month, you can appropriately manage your parquet floor. Make sure you do not overdo thorough cleaning because it may damage the flooring. If you feel that you need a thorough cleaning, but you do not want to mop the floor, you can just use the vacuum. It will be completely fine. 


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