How to Choose Yoga Pants

How to Choose Yoga Pants

I am a huge fan of yoga and own around 8 pairs of yoga leggings. The more I practise the more I want cool and perfect shaped yoga pants to improve my practise and shape of my legs and bum. And I do like a funky colourful design. My latest purchase was from sweaty betty and they are a ink splash array of purple and green and lift my bum and make my legs look thinner!

Here is a wonderful guest post on how to choose the most perfect yoga pants.

Yoga has solved all my problems.

Yes, it has even simplified the conundrum of choosing the best yoga pants. You see, when I first started doing yoga, it didn’t occur to me how my pants will affect my practice. After 3 heated sessions of hot yoga, I knew it. Yoga pants had to be the right colour, affordable, comfortable, the right kind of flexible, non-sticky, sweat resistant (to some extent!) and must look good on me.

How to Choose Yoga Pants

I went on a shopping spree with my friends and oh! The things I’ve learned. That is why I decided to come up with a list on how to choose your best yoga pants. Believe me, there are so many things to consider. You may decide on your own after reading this article but, if you want our opinion you can check out who sells the best yoga pants. It has a list of the best yoga pants with all their features.

Let’s dig towards your guide in choosing the perfect pair of yoga pants.

Comfort Comes First

Your pants should be extremely comfortable. You’re going to stretch all over the place after all. Don’t compromise comfort for any other aspect. You won’t be able to enjoy your yoga practice if you constantly feel bound by your pants. That is something we don’t want. Its all about comfort; the material, fitting and style all circle back to you feeling extremely confident and at ease. You can choose the design according to your personality; it can be funky or something graceful.

The Right Fit

This goes for all pants and not just yoga pants. Size matters! Always check out the size charts provided by different brands for their yoga pants and choose accordingly. Don’t go for a size smaller or bigger. It will ultimately come between you and your yoga practice. Many women prefer high-waist pants because it leaves more room for deep stretches. And you don’t have to worry about your muffin top sticking out!

Also, keep in mind that you are going to squat. A lot! So your pants should be squat proof.

How to Choose Yoga Pants

Shiny or Not?

I had a friend who was a pro at yoga but I never agreed with the choice of her yoga pants. Or, the shiny-ness of them precisely. I always went from shop to shop looking for a material that didn’t blind others in sunlight. Yes, I’m not a fan of how some yoga pants are shiny.

But that is totally up to you.

If you want funky and vibrant colors, more power to you. Many women prefer that because they make their practice more fun. I suppose . . . or so I’ve heard.

Material Matters

Different yoga pants are made up of different material. For example, cotton, polyester, nylon or synthetic material. Opt for good quality material that dries up fast and is sweat proof. Plus, the material should be breathable, lightweight and airy. Go for brands which promise that your pants won’t shrink after a few washes.

Cotton is the perfect option with a whole lot of stretch to it. It doesn’t cause any rashes or itching. Nor it gets sticky when wet.

Not all yoga pants are see-through, nor do they have to be. Make sure you’re comfortable in your own skin.

How to Choose Yoga Pants

Keep in Mind the Weather

I always tell people to buy yoga pants which are lightweight and airy. But, if you belong to a region of cold weather, you must choose the material accordingly. It should protect you from the cold and still be breathable. Same goes for extremely hot weathers. I don’t recommend shorts because our skin tends to get sticky when it is sweaty. So it’s better to invest in some breathable yoga pants perfect for hot weather.

Last but not least, Affordable!

Of course, there are many high-end brands that offer good quality yoga pants. But you know your practice. You know you will need new pants after a while. I practice yoga religiously. And the best quality pants I got, have survived two whole years. Many of my other pants didn’t go bad either. I simply got bored with some of them. And I had to discard the others because I lost them or gave them away due to weather change.

How to Choose Yoga Pants

There are so many different designs and cuts with the emerging yoga trends in our society. Yoga pants do seem like the style statement for most people. But, your choice of pants doesn’t need to define your practice.

The best yoga pants are those that make you look forward to practising yoga every day!

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