How to Be Sure of Your Tyre Safety

Picking the right tyres for your model of car will help you and your car’s occupants to remain safe when you are travelling on the road. Incompatible tyres are defined as those which are not suited to the existing ones you have fitted or that are not designed for your particular model. Driving on incompatible tyres is illegal and could invalidate your insurance as well as not being safe. That said, there are plenty of compatible tyres to choose from no matter which sort of car you drive. Therefore, you should seek expert advice before choosing new tyres if you are not sure which ones are right, especially if you drive with kids in the back.

Choosing Tyres for a Nissan

If you drive a Nissan, then the chances are that it was originally fitted with Dunlops, Firestones or Bridgestones. New Micras sold in the UK tended to come with a set of four Bridgestone B391s. There again, Dunlop’s SP Sport 5000 were there preferred choice for Maximas and Nissan Tiidas and Livinas had Firestone FH705s fitted. Book your new Nissan tyres at Point S where you can also pick up Michelin Energy tyres, often fitted to new Primeras.

What Tyres Should Audi Drivers Choose? 

Like Nissan, Audi tended to stick to certain tyre manufacturers when it launched new models. Many older Audi models sold in the UK market originally had Dunlops fitted to them although it is far more common to see Audi partnering with the likes of Goodyear for more recent models. The A3, for example, is almost exclusive delivered to UK dealers with Goodyear EfficientGrip or UltraGrip tyres. Goodyear’s Wrangler range tends to be favoured by the German car brand for its Q7 cars. Anyone who drives an Audi TT and who wants a like for like replacement for their tyres should seek out either Toyo or Yokohama tyres, such as a set of ADVAN Sport V103s.


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