Hoodies for Girls and How to Kill the Look

At first, the idea of girls wearing hoodies didn’t seem so welcoming because of how rugged and oversized they looked. But thanks to the creativity of fashion designers, women now rock hoodies on different occasions. These days, hoodies come in different styles that seem like women just started wearing them yesterday. Every day begins with a new design and a killer look. Women can wear hoodies any time and bring out the personal and street style anywhere they go. No need to carry a gym outfit when you’re going to work. You can simply put on smart office wear and pair with a simple hoodie then pass by the gym after your office hours. Women never run out of ideas when it comes to how they dress up. Take a look at these different places to wear a hoodie and experience the stunning look.

The Workout Style

Women were born to look sexy, regardless of the occasion. If you think that the gym is the place to take the rugs them you’re wrong. Hoodies bring out a fantastic way to look beautiful and sexy while working out. Some cute sneakers, leggings, and ladies hoodie finished up with a baseball cap kill the look. Workout crops continue to trend as far as hoodies are concerned, and if you don’t own one yet them, you’re not a fashionista. You can easily match your cropped hoodie with a short or legging and not just wear to the gym; this can also act as an everyday street fashion. Workout hoodies go with anything, and you can wear them for any occasion. Whether you want to take a stroll in the park, go for some biking adventure, go hiking, joking, or to the gym. This is a style that you can rely on thanks to their versatility, breathability, and durability.

Street Style

Hoodies go well when it comes to streetwear, and women bring out the look so perfectly. Anything that goes out to the street can pair up with a hoodie. Did you know that there are cropped hoodies too? If you didn’t, then check out some amazing designs here and pair with your favourite denim, rugged jeans, or a pair of bootie shorts. Think about how you can finish the look with some big jewellery, red lipstick, long nails, and a pair of stilettos. Crops aside, think about how an oversized hoodie will go with a bootie short or a short skirt. Your massive hoodie can act as a dress and cover up the upper part of the body while you show the thighs and legs in a sexy look. If it’s somehow cold out there and leaving the legs exposed seems like a bad idea, then you can finish the look with some knee-length leather boots. This versatile look seems like it just got out of your closet and is not going anywhere soon. When it’s too cold, like the winter period, you can style your hoodie as a sweater and have a jacket or a blazer over them. There are just too many ways to wear a hoodie out on the streets, and as long as you feel comfortable, everything will work out perfectly for you.

Wear Hoodies to Work

Nowadays, organisations are not so strict on the dress code as long as you still look decent and professional. Well, this is a sign of relief because you can now wear your hoodie comfortably to the office. There are different ways to do this while you maintain a casual and business look. How about you pair a simple, well-fitting hoodie with a sleek skirt? A pencil skirt with some neutral colours can bring out the look perfectly. You can also go with a pleated skirt paired with a pointed-toe pump and match confidently to your much-awaited presentation. If you prefer a more tomboy look, you can pair it out with dress pants and bring out the work-appropriate look perfectly. If you can pair up your hoodie with different outfits perfectly, even an office that is so strict on the dress code will approve your hoodie.

Hoodies are continually becoming socially acceptable, and very soon, the number of women wearing them on the streets will exceed that of men. Whether they look baggy, too long, tightly fitted, or cropped, women still find a way to look good regardless of the design. Hoodies come in many styles and designs, and all you need to do is understand how to wear them and which occasion fits most of them. Don’t be afraid to wear them with anything on the streets, for your gym or at work. If you feel like having a quiet afternoon in a crowded place, simply put on your earphones and pull the hood over your head then pretend you’re not aware of other people’s presence. That’s the freedom these amazing outfits give you.


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