Hitchin is the place to be – My day without children


I told my boys my plans for today before school and Dylan said ‘mummy sound like you have a busy day’. Alot of running around doing jobs but some fun mixed in there, and money saving stuff of course. I have been in Hitchin most of the day sorting stuff out. I’ve taken a few photos and sourced a few bargains that I think you would be interested in seeing ūüôā

hitchin church July 2015

10am Haircut and colour with Stacey at Farleys, Hermitage Rd.

Now I don’t do this very often, get a haircut that is! I litrally wait until there are more greys than browns and when my fringe is down to the bottom of most nose (the fringe often become side sweep!). As we all Mrs Mummypenny July 2015 New haircut & colourknow hair cuts and colour that takes 2 hours is not cheap. And you get what you pay for. I am well happy with my new hair cut and I got to have a proper catch up with Stacey. Here is the new hair cut a few inches shorter and darker colour, with a lot of freckles :-). And here is my favourite piece of artwork in the hairdressers. I’m thinking I could make this?

Farleys Hairdressers

70's art at Farleys Hairdressers July 2015









12 noon Wilkinson visit – OMG my new favourite shop

I’ve not been into Wilko’s for a while….and now I know what I’m missing. OMG what can I say. I walked in and thought I’de wander around, but then I kept picking things up that were soooo cheap. So I had to retreat and get a basket. Here is my booty.

wilko July 2015

* I’m loving the children’s creative stuff 50p for foam stickers and ¬£1 for dinosaur stickers. Jack will be happy.

* Battery electric toothbrushes and spare heads are £3 for the toothbursh and £1.50 for the spare heads. Bit paranoid about brushing teeth after seeing that horror story on the BBC news on Tuesday morning with the poor children needing to have all their babyteeth removed from tooth decay.

*Cards are £1 each:-)

*New duvet set for Jack when he moves to his big boy bed, avengers reversable design £14 includes a pillow, I did check!

*2 pack flannels (we go through so many with 3 grubby boys) £1 each.


1pm Specsavers

My contact lenses are on order and I have run out so I am needing to wear my glasses for a whole 10 days. I hate my glasses they are cheapo Tesco optician jobbies normally for behind closed doors. Anyhows I get my contact lenses from Specsavers on a direct debit scheme so popped in to find out how much for glasses. 10 minutes of help with a lovely lady and we found the perfect John Rocha glasses, ¬£125 frame & lens price, but because I pay for my contacts by direct debit I got them for ¬£45. Well happy. Done and dusted in 30 minutes, glasses ordered. Okay so I’ve got to wait one week for them, but am sure they’ll be worth the wait. I might even wear them out in public.

1:45pm EE Hitchin

Went to investigate to see if my upgrade is due so I can move to the phone I want after leaving EE’s full time employment 2 weeks ago. Spoke with the lovely Rianna who was extremely helpful. We worked out that something had been done wrong with me leaving and the SIMO contract I’ve been moved to. Everything sorted out in store though, although I now have to wait until next week for the systems to update and be allowed my upgrade. Rianna explained the best deal for the phone I wanted, wrote everything down and was lovely. Oh and I got a freshly charged power bar as the one I had in my bag was dead (Text POWER to 365 if you’re on EE to get a free power bar!). I’m going for one of these, Note 4. Great for business owners.

note 4 image July 2015

2pm The Groundworks for a quick bite to eat for lunch.

Sat outside by the beautiful Hitchin church/cathedral. I ordered smashed avacado on Rye with a poached egg on top. Beautiful clean food. I was really impressed and the staff were lovely, we had a good chat about Mrs Mummypenny when I paid. And I need to return there on a Sunday morning apparently when there are pancakes for the boys:-)

The Groundworks lunch July 2015

2:45 quick dash to car as parking ticket has run out before I get a ticket – DONE.

Lovely day talking lots of lovely people and some great money saving whilst I’m at it:-)

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