Celebrate Great British Bake Off with an easy Victoria Sponge

victoria sponge

Celebrate Great British Bake Off with an easy Victoria Sponge

No one can ignore that Great British Bake off returns next week. And to channel 4, oh the drama! I am excited Noel Fielding is one of favourite comedians. I know he’ll make me laugh and I oh so love cake.

I’m not quite bake off standard but my mum taught me well on all those Saturday afternoons in the kitchen baking butterfly cakes and rock cakes so I can knock up a decent cake. It’s something that Josh and I particularly love doing. He can pretty much make a cake by himself now, he is a very talented baker for a seven year old.

Yesterday the boys came back from a mini holiday with their grand-parents and Josh wanted to do some baking. We decided to let Paul Hollywood inspire us with a browse through his website and decided on a Victoria sponge.

We had also been sent a few baking range goodies by the Aldi guys so it was a perfect opportunity to try them out. A new ceramic bowl and no mess cake mix dispenser. For many more goodies check out their online range here or visit a local shop. Available from Sunday 27th Aug.

victoria sponge

Victoria Sponge

Here is the recipe for the Victoria sponge, really ever so simple.

All you need is a few staple cupboard ingredients

230g plain flour (okay we cheated a bit and used 200g of plain as that all we had and the rest was self-raising

4 tsp baking powder

Pinch salt

230g caster sugar

230g unsalted butter

4 medium eggs

There is a method as per the official recipe but to be honest Josh just piled all the ingredients into a bowl together and mixed it up until the lumps were gone.

The mixture was divided in half and put into 2 cake tins of the same size. The recipe says to use 20 cm, ours are a bit bigger at a diameter of 23 cm but it did the job.

The cakes were cooked for 25 minutes at 180 degrees until golden brown.

We had some double cream in the fridge that needed to be used, so hubby whipped it up (I hate whipping cream) we sandwiched the cream and some strawberry jam in between the cake and dusted the top with icing sugar.

If you wanted the official Paul Hollywood recipe for more detail here it is.

Done. Here is the picture from Instagram, bit messy😉

victoria sponge



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    1. Thanks Faith, we might have a future bake off champion here. He says hes going to work hard and learn baking!

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