Getting my First Tattoo at Aged 41 – Is a Tattoo Painful?

Back in 2016 I wrote a rather fabulous bucket list of 40 things I wanted to do before 40. Number 35 on the list was to get a tattoo done. I achieved this in July 2018, aged 41, but not far off. I am using my bucket list now to to tick off things as I get older, rather than by a certain time! Check out this list, see if it inspires you.

Getting my First Tattoo at Aged 41 - Is a Tattoo Painful?

Choosing a Tattoo studio

This was probably the hardest part, finding a tattoo artist whom I liked and trusted. A person who creates beautiful artwork to place onto your body forever. I had many recommendations over the two years after deciding to get one done, but it was coffee with my friend Marie where it was obvious who to go to. Her partner Matt who works from a studio near Wellingbrough. Matt works from Whisky and Ink Tattoo Studio in Finedon. Matt has only recently moved to this studio so is keen to spread the word about his art and talent of tattoo artistry.

I hadn’t met Matt before but Marie is a very good friend, we bonded at a Yoga weekend last year and meet for coffee in the city when we can. We met up in June and I mentioned my tattoo idea and she said, ‘let’s get Matt to do it’. No more excuses I said yes and a date was organised.Prior to the appointment we had a chat over WhatsApp on what I wanted the tattoo to look like. I found a picture of a Red Dhalia on Google, the exact replica of the beautiful flowers that lines our town garden in the house I grew up in Penzance with my parents. All summer those flowers bloomed bright red, I used to lie sunbathing in the garden surrounded by the beautiful flowers that my Mum and Dad loved.

Matt turned the picture into a design and we added my boys names in my handwriting. It was a perfect design. I was all ready to be tattoo’d.

Tattoo day arrives

I arrived late for my appointment with a 90-minute journey actually taking 2 hours. No stress, Matt was chilled. I had made sure I was wearing a skirt and black vest with a black bra just in case of any ink leakage. The tattoo was going to be on the top of my left ribs, just below my bra/bikini line.

The tattoo was about 10cm in diameter, its was going to take around 2 hours to complete the outline and fill in the colour. The previous weekend I had been visiting Glastonbury and a wise white witch gave me some sage tattoo advice. She had many tattoos so I figured she was well qualified. She said to have a good breakfast, to keep sugars high but no onions (no idea why the no onions rule!). And to suck on lollies to give you a different focus whilst the tattoo is being done. Good advice it turned out, Matt agreed with the witch. She also said that the location chosen for the tattoo might hurt quite a bit. Particularly when tattooing close to the ribs. Oh. At least I was prepared.

I was scared

But Matt was calm and gentle and put me at ease. He had lollies available for me! I laid down on the table and that was it, tattoo started.

Getting my First Tattoo at Aged 41 - Is a Tattoo Painful?

First stage was the outline and do you know what, it was okay. It felt like scratching sunburn, the best explanation I think. It was totally bearable and a pain that I could put up with for a while.

Getting my First Tattoo at Aged 41 - Is a Tattoo Painful?

Matts partner and my friend Marie arrived half way through for moral support, and to take pictures. She did a very good job at keeping me going with conversation to take my mind away from the hard bits as when Matt started the colour it started to hurt a lot. My tattoo was a dahlia so the many petals were coloured red and orange and the leaves were green. Matt ended with a touch of white to bring some brightness and I am not going to lie that felt like I was being stabbed with a very small knife.

And then relief, Matt had exaggerated about the time it took, its had been 90 minutes and the tattoo was done!

Getting my First Tattoo at Aged 41 - Is a Tattoo Painful?

I am so pleased with the result it is perfect, just what I was wanted and had imagined. The small time of pain was totally worth it. Matt was brilliant throughout the whole process and I 100% recommend him to do you tattoo. He is worth the trip over to Finedon, near Wellingbrough or Kettering.

Disclosure, Matt gifted me this tattoo most kindly, but in no way effects my words and review.


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