Fire Jacks Stevenage Restaurant Review

Fire Jacks Stevenage Restaurant Review

There is a new restaurant in town and we recently tried it out. Stevenage Leisure Park has many chain restaurants but now has a new addition and a new brand to the UK. As I write there are just a few in the UK, soon to be more so watch out for them popping up near you. The company whom own a few restaurant brand are slowly rebranded the American diner brand Coast-to-Coast over to Fire Jacks.

Fire Jacks Stevenage Restaurant Review


The premise of the restaurant is meat, sauces and build your own meals exactly how you like it. Sounds great to me. We went on a Sunday lunchtime as a family of five and got to try a bit of everything.

The atmosphere was fun, open plan and inviting. The restaurant design is full of light and open space. There are lots of booths for a more private dining experience, high tables with stools and bar seats. The kitchen is on view behind a glass screen and you can watch the chefs creating the amazing food. And there is a lot of fire, meat cooked with flames. Yum.

Fire Jacks Stevenage Restaurant Review

The Children’s Menu

First priority was sorting out the children’s food choices. They got to choose a main course, side and dessert for £5.95. A great value children’s menu.


I had to try the cocktails and top of my list was the aperol spritzer, my new favourite drink. A sweet and sour cocktail. Hubby went for a beer. Later in the lunch I had a classic mojito as well. I do love a cocktail.

Fire Jacks Stevenage Restaurant Review

Fire Jacks Stevenage Restaurant ReviewStarters

We ordered a selection of starters and chose things that we liked the look of. Chicken wings are an essential that all the boys love so we had to chose them. We also got some chicken dippers and some halloumi dippers. The starters were gone within two minutes a hit with everyone

Fire Jacks Stevenage Restaurant Review

The Main Event

Firstly, the children’s main course food was incredible. Very generous portions with more than enough food to keep them happy and full. I do find sometimes with the children’s menus that there is not enough food (a recent dinner at Pizza Express saw me having to order extra food as the children’s menu was simply not enough). Jack had hot dog and it was huge, his eye lit up when it was brought over. The older boys went for chicken burgers and fries.

Fire Jacks Stevenage Restaurant Review

The steaks had been highly recommended to us so that’s what we went for. I chose a fillet steak and hubby when for the ribeye steak. You could then choose the sauce with your steak. You chose your side order, fries, sweet potato fried or the waffle fries along with a sauce to go on top of them. I went for waffle fries with guacamole. Yum!! It was a very lovely meal. The steak was perfectly cooked, and those waffle fries were so so good!

Fire Jacks Stevenage Restaurant Review

The portion sizes were very generous, and we struggled to fit it all in! But we powered through. Good food must be eaten!

Fire Jacks Stevenage Restaurant Review

The sauce bar

We loved the help yourself sauces bar, providing a real unique selling point to Fire Jacks that I have never seen in another restaurant. There are so so many sauces on offer, from sweet to creamy to sour and spicy. You can try the hottest of hot sauces or go for tomato ketchup. The choice is yours.

Fire Jacks Stevenage Restaurant Review


Fire Jacks Stevenage Restaurant Review

I did not have space for a dessert, but the boys did! Josh and Jack were happy with the ice-cream and chocolate cake on offer with the children’s menu, but Dylan wanted the cookie dough sundae. I helped him out a little with the tiny bit of space I managed to find for mouthful of caramel cookie dough ice cream.

Fire Jacks Stevenage Restaurant Review


Firejacks was a hit. The boys loved all the food, plates were cleared. There was lots of choice for them of things that they loved. The staff were super friendly and gave us lots of recommendations. We will definitely be going back for more steak and giant hotdogs.

Fire Jacks Stevenage Restaurant Review

Disclamer – We were gifted this meal in exchange for the review post, but this does not impact the balance of the review.


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