How to Entertain your children & save money at Campus West – Welwyn

There are tons of activities and things to do really close to me that I have never tried before. So I was really interested to receive an email from the marketing manager of CW Entertainment (also known as Campus West) in Welwyn Garden City, the big complex on the large WGC roundabout not far from John Lewis. It is a small world as we use to both work for EE in the same sales department but had never met each other!

How to Entertain your children & save money at Campus West - Welwyn

I was invited down for a tour of all the various activities and was really surprised at what I saw!  It was brilliant value for money and why therefore why I had never been. I had assumed that they showed older films and that the theatres/screens would be a bit old and tired. How wrong could I have been!

Zebra Card

Firstly you need to get yourself a free Zebra card. This will get you discounts off everything at CW Entertainment from 15% up to 50%. Click on this link to get yours now:-) the prices I quote all include this extra discount.


So Josh my 6 year old has actually bought a pair of roller-skates with his birthday money, he got very excited seeing all the roller-skaters at RollerCity so has decided this is the thing for him. You can HIRE THEM I told him but no, roller-skates had to be ordered from Amazon. RollerCity looks fun. There are sparkly flashing lights, loud chart music and its great exercise. It could make a very amusing YouTube video;-). There are all sorts of different skating events, family skate on a Saturday/Sunday, teenage skating Friday evening (age 10-17) and Ministry of Skates (on Thursday nights) for over 18’s. Oh and you can hire it exclusively for parties.

19-11-15 rollercity

What’s the cost?

For the family skate sessions its £6.80 per person inc skate hire. Cheaper for Josh as he has already got the skates at £5.53 😉


I went twice in Half Term, once to see Pan with the 2 older boys, with tickets at £4.25 after zebra discount. If I compare that to Cineworld – £25.38 for one adult and 2 children or £12.75 at Garden City Cinema. I can confirm the screens are large with plenty of seats. There are 3 screens with two being brand new. Screen 3 is the largest that also doubles up as the theatre. Peak time from 5pm Friday night to Sunday night the price is £5.10 for kids and £6.29 for adults. Now I will be honest, the seats do get a bit uncomfy, Regular bum shift was necessary, especially towards the end of a long film like Spectre!!!

19-11-15 cinema

I loved the fact that the pick and mix was a great price, although you could take you own sweeties to save some cash 😉 There is slush puppy and popcorn for your ultimate cinema experience. You can use your zebra card to get 15% extra discount off food and drinks as well. Also they regularly show slightly older family films for £1.50 a ticket. Perfect for a rainy mornings entertainment, Minions anyone?

The newest cinema trend is event cinema. For example a showing of The Winter’s Tale filmed live and screened at the cinema. This one is sold out on 26th Nov, so do get in early for screenings of these type of shows. Here is the link for more information.

Soft Play

19-11-12 softplaycitySoft Play City is available for the little ones of crawling age up to maybe 6-7, although children up to age 9 are allowed in. I am not sure Dylan (aged 8) would like it unless he was there with his younger brothers. There are 2 rooms with a big climbing thing for the older children then another area for the under 2’s. It can get very busy at soft play, especially when it is rainy so if you are going, go early.

Pricing again is very good, children are £3.40 with zebra discount, and adults are £1.50 with zebra discount. So £11.70 for 3 boys and me. I do love a good comparison, so let’s compare to 360 play in Stevenage is – £27.85 for 3 children and 1 adult….scary how much these places can cost. Not sure I am going to 360 play again.

For all information on what’s coming up at all of the above go the website CW Entertainment and do like them on Facebook and twitter @cwewgc.

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