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Educational Quizzes

Looking after the educational requirements for our children is a huge priority however I will be honest it’s also a huge chore. Life is busy, we have lots of after school and weekend commitments with the boys and their football which leaves little down time. A significant proportion of that down time is spent doing homework. The homework is a challenge, there is a lot of it and often its not fun.

I am always on the hunt for fun educational tasks for the boys so finding a tool like Educational Quizzes was perfect. This is a monthly subscription service with so much content that it’s never ending.

Suitable for all children

There are different sections for each age group, so its split into key stage 1, 2, 11 plus, key stage 3 and GCSE. Then within each age group there are different subjects containing quizzes. The quizzes follow the same plans that the children’s school uses for the key subjects of maths and English plus all the other areas that are covered at school such as art, design and science.

I love the idea of my boys doing the quiz then me having a go, it makes learning so much fun. One to one contact with learning is so important, with these we can sit down and do the quizzes and learn together. I will often create a quiz for the boys, a list of sums more than often. The great things about these quizzes is that you can focus on all areas of learning and subjects not just the ones that are easier to create the quizzes for.

Written by Teachers

You can relax about the content of the quizzes, it has all been written by teachers and fully reflects the current curriculum. The quizzes are multiple choice and you get an immediate result once answered.

Focus on Key Stage 2

The key stage 2 section is aimed at Dylan aged 7 to 11. We chose to do a quiz from the times table quiz, geography and design and technology. He really enjoyed the quizzes with the question stimulating further conversation about the subject areas from the questions.

Educational Quizzes is a subscription based service and cost £9.95 per month, this can be cancelled at any time.

Researching Tutors

Tatoo is a service makes it simple for students to search for all the tutors within their local area. Currently used by thousands of tutors and students daily.

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