Easter Holiday Ideas that are money saving or free

Easter Holiday Ideas

The Easter holidays are in full swing. We have had a few days holiday and have spent a small fortune so we really need some no spend Easter holiday days. Here are some no fail ideas to keep the children amused during the Easter holidays that require little spending of money or are free.

Baking at home

We love baking in our house and will often spend some time on a Sunday afternoon baking a cake or making some biscuits. Here are a few that I have tried recently with the boys, normally Josh is my fellow baker.

A few weeks back we made Easter cake, it was the most yummy fudgy cake and we plopped in some mini easter eggs for a chocolate surprise as you bit through the cake. Here is the recipe and link to our vlog on YouTube.

One of our most favourite recipes ever is chocolate chip cookies and we have a most amazing recipe for these on my blog. Is there anything better than warm gooey cookies?

Crafty time

Crafty time is something we often do and I have 2 huge boxes of bits I collect for the boys to be creative with. Coloured paper, glitter, stickers. I love to print out pictures for the boys as well. Handily I have a great Epson Ecoprinter that run off pots of ink, and it will print 4000 pages before the ink runs out!! Handy as I always used to hate printing out things when I had the old regular ink cartridge printer as it would run out of ink after every 50 pages or so.

We have already made our Easter bonnet in this house. Josh created this pink birdnest. We used all sortes, stuffing from a recent goodie bag from a Mrs Mummypenny job, feathers from a feather boa, also a create your own Easter bonnet set from Aldi.

Make Use of Clubcard Vouchers and Nectar Points

I have a Tesco Clubcard Mastercard that I use for some of my monthly spending. This means I get around £10 worth of Clubcard vouchers each quarter. 

Using these vouchers is a brilliant way to help with Easter holiday fun as you can exchange you vouchers and points for days out with the children. Or for a treat meal out if you dont fancy cooking.

Treasure hunt/nature trail

A perfect free thing to do on a bright spring day is to head out for a nature walk. To keep the boys amused I like to send them on a hunt for things whilst we are out. This is a little list I have prepared for later this week.

  • A daffodil
  • A blackbird
  • An oak tree
  • A dog
  • A field of corn
  • A flat skimmer stone
  • A pheasant
  • Stickman
  • A white flower
  • A branch of holly

A trip to the coast

I was brought up by the sea, I lived in Penzance until I was 18. I love the sea and the beach and its just the most perfect place to spend time with children. The beach means endless and free entertainment for the kids. Why not head off on a day trip to the coast and spend the day building sandcastles, chasing a kite around a beach and paddling in the ‘warm’ sea.

A Museum with Free entry

There are so many museums that offer entry for free. We love RAF Hendon, a really great day out with so much to see. Take a packed lunch and it will be a totally no-spend day. Read all about our day out at RAF Hendon here.

Please share your freebie or money saving ideas for Easter for other parents to be inspired by.


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