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Welcome back to the next instalment in my series of posts from inspirational people who have taken a huge leap and set up their own incredible businesses. I have had some amazing people feature so far and today is a good one. I met Wendy at The Mindful Living show back in 2017. She was selling her ‘Note To Self Journal’, a daily journal guide that remind you to do wonderful things like meditate, moderate healthy food, alcohol, sleep, water consumption, meditation. There is space to express daily gratitude and a short things to do section. Its not dated so if you miss a day, no worries.

   The Completion Coach

We clicked personality wise and I loved how she set this business up by herself and the story behind her is incredible, it written in the first few pages of her journal, I recommend you get one!! Here is a link and add voucher code MrsMummypenny to get a 10% discount!

Wendy is actually still employed with a day-job and does all of this in her spare time. One day full-time.

How long were you in the employed world and what were you doing?

I haven’t actually been employed since the age of 30 (11 years).  In my time in employment I was a legal secretary, customer services for a large pub management company/brewery, then I ended up as a mortgage broker!

At what point did you think it is time to set up something different. Was there a trigger moment?

Turning 30, realising I was working long hours and being really successful for some one else’s gain. I realised I don’t suit corporate world I found it really quite suffocating!

The Completion Coach

What plans did you put in place before leaving, e.g. training, saving money, building customer base? 

NONE.  I jumped with no savings; lots of debt (ha) and just a determination to make it work.  I was also prepared to do other bits of work while building it up and had some mystery shopping work for a bank lined up to help in the first three months. 

Tell us about your business? 

It started by me making a journal because I couldn’t find one on the market I could stick to. Then I realised I wanted to help other people stick to one.  A seven-year self development journey ended up in life coaching and NLP exams and now I’m the Completion Coach – my coaching is aimed at women predominantly who are super successful in the work place or at turning up for other people but that struggle to complete on anything that is a goal just for themselves. 

The Completion Coach

How is your business progressing? 

Steadily.  The journal has been on sale for two years now and I have been coaching for the last 12 months.  I am constantly adjusting and making sure I am being true to myself.

Can you share three business successes? 

1. Selling my first journal from an Instagram account with ZERO followers to selling 2,000 in 18 months.  With no following and no face to the journal for over 12 months I was over the moon to build from nothing to something from a mad idea. 

2. Selling out of my three month coaching course which meant I was fully booked until the end of May and starting new clients again in June. 

3. Selling out a London event and being invited to talk for charities in upper schools to teach teenagers about mental health.

Can you share three learnings

1. Be true to yourself.  You have to LOVE it.  I worked on the coaching for FREE for 12 months to learn my style in addition to working full time in my previous business.  It was BUSY.  You got to love it for it to work.

2. Be patient.  Stay in your lane.  Other people may seem like they are making leaps ahead of you but your path is not their path and vice versa.  Remember “good for them and good for me too”.

3. Get a (recommended by successful friends) business coach.  The best investment I made was seeking a really good business coach out who was able to guide me through my ideas and help me nail down my niche and a 12 month plan rather than winging it!

The Completion Coach

What things do you miss about the corporate world?


What things are you grateful for now that you didn’t have whilst employed?

I get to be 100% myself with customers and offer what I believe in.

Freedom to grow the company in a way that remains true to me rather than numbers led!

What piece of advice would you give to someone thinking of leaving the employed world and setting up their own business

Be sure you want it; really believe in it and really have passion for it.  To start off with its longer hours, less pay, no holiday pay and a roller coaster!  To stay on the path you have to love it more than you fear it and you have to believe in yourself wholeheartedly.  That and get a coach.  I had a business coach and it completely transformed how I approached my initial six months.

How do people find your business website, social media links?

Wendy’s website is The Completion Coach . You can follow her on Instragram, Pinterest and Facebook, be clicking on social media channel of you preference.

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