Beauty Tricks For The Summer

Beauty Tricks For The Summer


As the summer is approaching, you should want to think about how your beauty regime may change. It tends to be overlooked because everyone does the same thing regardless of what the season is – but this is where you’re going wrong. For every season, there should be a slight alteration to the way you do things.

If you aren’t sure what this means for the summer – here are some of the best tricks that you need to know about.

The foundation

While we will never tell you to avoid wearing foundation as we all know what a godsend it can be – if the weather is really hot and sticky, the last thing you want to have on your face is a super heavy foundation. This is why you may want to opt for some BB cream instead, as this is a lot lighter, but will still even out your skin tone. If you’re worried about blemishes or acne showing through, then before you apply the BB cream, add some colour corrector in the areas that you need.

The highlighter

If you’ve ever had a reason to wear highlighter – summer is the best time to. It’s bright outside, and the suns natural rays will be hitting all those highest points of your face, and what better way to accentuate that even more than by creating that magical shimmer and sparkle we all crave? While powder highlights were once the most popular, cream and liquid formulas tend to rise above them because of their simple application that doesn’t risk appearing too cakey on top of your foundation, which is always something you want to avoid.

The smile

Having that summer smile is one of the most important things, because you’ll be doing it a lot since the weather is good, the sun is out, and it’s a great excuse to turn up every day. But for some, you may not feel confident enough to do this because you may not be happy with what you have. There’s one simple answer for sorting out this issue, and that’s taking a visit to your Dental Practice. They have many things to offer, as well as professional teeth whitening so you get to have those pearly whites just in time. I have had my teeth whitened, they look amazing and its so easy.

The mist

One thing that you absolutely cannot go without wherever you are, is some setting mist. Make sure that you keep some in your bag whenever you leave the house in case you need to reset your face so it doesn’t sweat off. A common solution for this is translucent powder, but this can sometimes block up your pores so it looks cakey, so this is where setting mist comes in. It locks all of your makeup in place without building up any more unnecessary product that you don’t need.

Now you know what you need to remember, make sure that you implement these things into your beauty routine so that you always ensure you’re on point and ready for the day ahead.

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