Aldi Baby & Toddler Event and how to Make a nappy cake

Its that time of year to grab your Aldi bargains in the Baby & Toddler Event.  So get down to your local store or get online and check out the bargains. Aldi have sent me a few items to test out and I have been creative. I have used the baby products they sent me to create a nappy cake. The perfect gift for a friend who is soon to/just about to give birth, and using the Aldi products won’t break the bank. I have been through the full list of products and have pulled out those I think are brilliant value and have picked out my personal favourites.  Keep reading on how to make a nappy cake!

Aldi Baby & Toddler Event and how to Make a nappy cake

Nappy Cake using Aldi products

Rather than write out boring instructions I have recorded a Youtube video tutorial on how to make the nappy cake. But for the ingredients you will need

  • 1 cake tin/celebrations chocolates round tin
  • 2-3 ribbons and 1 elastic band.
  • Small useful items to fill the tin such as sanitary towels, sudocream, baby toys, baby linky chains, bubble bath (all things I already had at home)
  • Newborn size nappies,  Mamia Size 2 – 44 nappies for £2.49. You wont need all of them, gift the extras!
  • 2 baby wipes Mamia 59p each
  • Muslin Cloths £2.99 for 3
  • Baby Sleep suits £4.99 for 3
  • Baby Bodysuits £2.89 for 3
  • Cellular Blanket £2.49
  • Mickey Mouse Musical Toy £7.99
  • Total Aldi spend £25.02

Nappy Cake

So the nappy cake would cost you £25…a quick search online tells me that nappy cakes of this size cost at least £50 so this is really great value and such a thoughtful gift.

Again a reminder of the YouTube link, do take a look to see how simple it to make a beautiful creation like this.

My favourite products

18-4-16 Aldi Blackboard Table

The standout product for my family is this wonderful blackboard table. Its the perfect size for my little ones and they love playing games of every invention on it. The first game of course had to be football related. Its perfect for noughts & crosses, hangman, spelling games, times tables, general scribbles from Jack. Endless ideas come from the boys with the uses for this table:-)

It comes with 2 sturdy chairs. It arrived flatpacked, so hubby spend a couple of  ‘fun’ hours putting it together (he hates flatpack!!). Highliy recommended for £29,99. Get it while you can and its also available online.

20-4-16 High ChairThe Aldi high chair costs an amazing £18.99. This is such great value for a baby item that can cost a lot more money. I remember us paying £100 for out high chair back when Dylan was a baby. Its got sturdy legs and fold away for easy storage. It has a 5 point safety harness and a foot rest.

20-4-16 SAfety GateThe next product I love is the hauck baby safety gate, an essential for the top and bottom of stairs. This costs just £12.99 and is suitable for widths of 75-81 cm.

This is such great value you can really go for it with baby proofing your house. And no drilling required it clamps securely between walls or door frames.

The baby clothing is incredible value for money and really great quality. Its all 100% cotton and soft. Better quality than Tesco baby gros I would say and I have tried all of them. Next has always been my favourite but at £14 for 3 compared to just £4.99 for 4 in Aldi I know where I would be buying my babygros/sleepsuits now. There is a fabulous range available including the cutest socks ever.

20-4-16 leggings and sleepsuits

Get in quick with these offers, as ever with Aldi special buys when they are gone they are gone.

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