Aldi Baby and Toddler Event & Competition – Online 12th August – Instore 16th August

Aldi Baby and Toddler Event

It is that time again for the Aldi Baby and Toddler event. This ones looks like the best one yet with many new items added as well as the traditional blankets, toys and clothes. I have a bundle of goodies to give away so don’t forget to enter the competition at the end of this post.

Aldi Baby and Toddler Event & Competition - Online 12th August - Instore 16th August

The special buy event begins on 12th August online and on Thursday 16th August in store, but be quick, once its gone its gone!

Here is a pick of my favourite items

Baby Blender is nearly 50% cheaper than the Nutribullet equivalent

The Aldi’s Food nutrient blender (make pureed or chunky baby food) is just £29.99, compare this to £58 for the Nutribullet baby Food Processor!! So much cheaper! I wonder if I can use this for my smoothies as well, of course I can!

It includes lots of bits, blender base station with 300ml blender jar & lid, 2 x blending cups with lid, Cross blade, Flat blade, 3 x 8oz batch trays with lid, 6 x 2oz storage/feeding cups with lid, 1 x spatula

Aldi Baby and Toddler Event Blender

You need this Pillow for a comfy nights sleep

Slumberdown V-Shape Pillow (5.99). I used this pillow throughout all three of my pregnancies and slept with it between my legs and supporting my tummy. It was the only way to get a comfortable nights sleep.

Aldi Baby and Toddler Event V shaped pillow


The Aldi Essentials are Brilliant

Aldi’s Mamia Ultra Dry Nappies are just £2.89 and available in Sizes 3, 4, 4+, 5 and 6 – ideal for babies of all ages and sizes! I used these for Jack my third baby and really hate to think how much money we spent on Pampers during the first two-three years of baby life for Dylan and Josh. I still buy the baby wipes now, despite my youngest being five! They are brilliant for every day spillages, wiping dirty faces and to have in your bag whilst out and about (shhh I have been using to clean my kitchen surfaces, works like a treat). The wipes are £5.69 for a box of 12 packets.

Josh Loved the Hooded Towel

Josh wanted this cool stripy to keep rather than add to the giveaway. Sorry! This is £5.99 and perfect for the holiday and trips to the swimming pool.Aldi Baby and Toddler Event hooded towel

Cant Live Without Items

Here are a few cant live without essential for new baby that I certainly could not live without.

  1. Muslin cloths, I would have 10 on the go at the same time, perfect for pukes, poos and wees:-) £2.99 for a three-pack
  2. Organic baby sleep suits, never mind outfits, babies live in babygros for the first 6 months of their lives, far easier! £6.99 for three-pack.
  3. Nappy cream, 59p. All of my boys ended up with nappy rash. Lather this wonder cream on and all will be fine quickly.
  4. Baby Safety Gate, not needed from day 1 but deffo from 6 months, £12.99
  5. Digital Breast Pump. I breastfed all three boys and the breast pump was an essential piece of equipment. For Jack and baby on three I invested in a electronic breast pump and it was SO MUCH EASIER than the manual pump. Go electric! £59.99

Competition Time

I have these wonderful goodies to give away to celebrate the launch of the Aldi Baby and Toddler Event. We have 1) An alphabet puzzle game worth £2.99, 2) a childrens bamboo dinner set worth £5.99, a super soft baby blanket worth £4.99 and a bath toy £2.99. Total bundle worth £16.96. Just click on the Gleam link below and tell me your essential baby and toddler item, and its NOT allowed to be baby wipes!!! Be inventive!

Aldi Baby & Toddler Bundle Giveaway

Aldi Baby and Toddler Event prize bundle

Aldi Baby & Toddler Bundle Giveaway


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193 Responses

  1. I can’t live without Muslin cloths! I use several everyday for my sickie baby. I brought two packs in Aldi’s last event and wish I brought more! I will be buying a few more packs this week plus dribble bibs!

  2. Mamia nappies are my “can’t live without” item. I discovered them when I had my little girl 4 years ago and were such a cost saving. I’m pregnant again now and will definitely be buying them again!

  3. same as everyone else really item I can’t live without is baby wipes they can be a real life saver in certain situations!

  4. Baby wipes, for bums, sticky fingers and dirty faces, reins to keep kiddies safe, secure and free at the same time.

  5. Yesterday my sister bought my nephew a jumparoo because his legs are getting stronger. He loves it & the only time he’s been out of it is food & sleep time! I don’t think she could live without it now! Haha

  6. *Rolls eyes* has no one noticed your NOT baby wipes comment?

    I would say my mine is my daughters rocker…. it was £2 on ebay and is wonderful

  7. Muslins and a baby changing bag to store all the millions of things you need to take everywhere you go!

  8. Snug blankets for winter – so much easier in car seat or pram to be able to layer up with blankets!

  9. Like virtually everyone else, it would be baby wipes. However, I was given some swaddles as a gift and I found them absolutely invaluable for settling and feeding my baby.

  10. First time mommy-to-be and this blog was great. Just starting my baby stuff planning and am gobsmacked at the quantity of everything that I need.

  11. Muslin cloths for me, my youngest has reflux and they’re always to hand, they’ve saved my carpet a few times!

  12. Definitely muslin cloths, I didn’t know what they were before I had my little one, now I can’t leave the house without one!

  13. I second the muslins! I also breastfed and had a couple of large, lightweight, soft muslin scarves that were not only great for breastfeeding discreetly in public but also in case of emergencies they could mop up the sick ups… or at least hide the dribbles down my top!

  14. My little man’s security blanket! He can’t go anywhere without it so I’d be lost without it.. it was a Aldi special buy too and they don’t do them anymore so I don’t have a replacement!!!

  15. I absolutely love Mamia baby wipes and rate them above the so called “top brands” , I couldn’t be without the muslin cloths either, they are so handy, I’m busy stocking up on them in time for number 4 arriving soon!

  16. My perfect Prep machine, i found myself bottle feeding my baby number 4, something i have never done before and found a bit of a nightmare. I love this bit of kit

  17. Apart from the obvious items, the things I’ve found have had the most use are giant muslins. Both my little ones now cuddle theirs for sleep, but they have been used as crib sheets, blankets for kicking around on the floor, sun visors, breast-feeding cover-ups, swaddles, comforters, blankets….they’ve been brilliant!

  18. A baby carrier or sling to keep my hands free for preparing meals whilst keeping baby happy and contented.

  19. I didn’t believe Aldi’s nappies would be as good as they are. The only thing I’d change is have them do nappy pants from size 4.
    I couldn’t do without cooling teethers at the moment. Though sometimes a big cold chunk of cucumber or carrot does the trick.

  20. Mr Snuggles. We lost him once on the miniature train… he was recovered covered in mud but at least my son stopped crying.

  21. Most importantly I couldn’t live without baby wipes, then nappies and of course a changing bag for when we go out.

  22. Breast milk collection shields! My best friend told me about them and they have been amazing. I was soaking through pads with every feed for months and expressing so my partner could take over feeds so these were invaluable as they are comfy, keep you dry and you can use the milk. I still use them occasionally even though my littlie is now 6 months. I used the mendala ones off Amazon so pretty cheap too.

  23. Baby wipes… I have a granddaughter on the way (due Feb) and I’ve already bought 6 months worth of wipes for my son…

  24. I have some plastic Disney tablecloths that go down on the floor whenever Leo is eating at the table. They protect my floor – thank goodness!
    Also, Leo has a blanket that was bought for him when he was newborn. He’s 2 now but still loves to cuddle it when he goes to sleep. Even through the summer when it’s been scorching hot, he had the blankie in the cot with him

  25. Muslin cloths and books are our essentials, muslin is so versatile and books bring so much joy even when the babies are tiny.

  26. Nappies I think. I really must try Aldi -heard some really good reviews about all their products.

  27. I couldn’t live without wet wipes. I often wonder how many and how much I’ve spent on wipes in the last few years!

  28. Muslins! They are my little man’s comfort blanket and he snuggles into them all the time. Also wipes!

  29. A bouncer! My first I could hold a lot, my second and third I needed to deal with a toddler.. alot so a bouncer that automatically moved was a life saver!

  30. definately wipes biut didnt see the v shaped pillow when I was last in there. Would love a v shaped pillow

  31. YouTube…. My boy charlie 2 is a fussy eater so I have to play him videos on my mobile phone from YouTube to get him to eat

  32. baby wipes and hand sanitiser joint the kids are always getting messy or touching things they shoudnt emily likes to pick up random bugs

  33. My cloth wipes! gets rid of sticky hands and faces and can be reused over and over – great for the environment!

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