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AEG Mastery Range

One of the glamourous parts of being a blogger is being invited to exciting events. A couple of weeks back AEG invited me to Grand Designs Live and I could bring a plus one, so friend and fellow money blogger Lotty Burns. We were to experience a sensory cooking experience with Jozef Youssef and the new AEG Sensery range. We weren’t sure what this meant, but I googled the chef and immediately accepted the invite, his Instagram feed is beautiful.

Sensory Cooking Experience

Arriving nice and early meant we could grab breakfast in the press area. We then headed over to the AEG area to take out seats, right in front of chef.

AEG mastery range

Josef proceeded to talk about our senses and how we use them all in cooking, tasting and dining. We tasted mystery products to work out what they were, Strawberry seeds. We worked out who had super pallets, Lotty did and spotted the Strawberry taste within five seconds. We listened to music and thought about the words Bobo and Kiki.  Bobo was soft, creamy, squishy. Kiki was sharp, pointy. Then we ate food, one demonstrated Kiki, a beautiful citrus octopus dish. We also tasted Bobo, Ox cheek and sweet Chinese buns. The food was amazing, like soooo good.  I really want to go to his restaurant, Kitchen Theory, handily not far from me in North London.

AEG mastery range

The cooking was all demonstrated in front of us on a very fancy AEG hob, part of the AEG mastery range, with an ever so clever extractor fan in the middle of the hob that drew the cooking smells Down! The ovens behind Josef were equally clever, you could set them to low souvie temperatures or high self-cleaning mode. There was even a special oven for baking. Everything you could wish for in an oven.

AEG mastery range

After our sensory session, I got a quick selfie with Yosef (obviously) and we moved over to the laundry area. The washing machines and tumble dryers were amazing. Now, we do a lot of laundry, like every day. A decent washing machine is important and is worth investing in. I need speed, value for money and most importantly it needs to be a good cleaner of dirty and muddy clothes. It also needs a delicate clothes option for my clothes. Quite an ask.

AEG mastery range


AEG Mastery Range – Laundry

AEG has some big objectives that ring so true to me from a value for money and environmental point of view. Lots of the facts I mention are taken from the 2016 Ipsos Mori Poll on consumer laundry habits and guidance provided by AEG.

Care for your clothes

90% of our clothes are thrown away before they should be, we are not washing our clothes properly. We are over using the dry-cleaners and over washing our garments. I have a beautiful Ralph Lauren wool cardigan which has bobbled from over washing, I have only had it two years, its a classic that looks awful now. AEG are campaigning for us to wash less, wash in lower temperatures and dry clean only when you must. If we all did this it will not only save us money, but also save the environment. AEG have developed machines where you can even wash silk and cashmere!

Relearn your laundry habits

Hands up if you wash the same way your mum taught you to. Um me. Apparently 1/3rd of us have never changed their laundry habits! I always wash on the same program at 40 degrees, or 60 degrees if it white cotton wash that is muddy. Not correct, read on for washing guidance from AEG.

Wear your clothes more

I spent the day recently with a fashionista, stylist friend who took me shopping for capsule wardrobe. We discussed fast fashion and the cost per wear. She fully believes in investing in pieces that you will wear time and time again, like a classic pair of jean that you will wear every day, spend a bit more. But for a posh dress for a wedding, why spend £200 on statement dress that you may wear three or four times. Think about cost per wear. The average garment is worn just four times!

Saving the Environment

For every kilo of textile produced at least one kilo of chemicals is being used. Scarily global textile consumption has more than doubled since 2000. And we must wash less, on lower temperatures.

AEG mastery range

A care guide for your most common fabrics

Cotton – Do not wash cotton too hot. Start using 30 degrees as your standard washing temperature instead of 40 to save energy, money and be gentler on your clothes.

Silk – Wash on gentle cycles and steam to reduce wrinkling

Wool Coat – Wash and tumble dry on gentle wool cycle

Knitted Wool – Wash and tumble dry on gentle wool cycles

Jeans – Was on lower temperature to maintain colour and shape. If jeans are stretched out, a quick tumble in the dryer can help them to regain shape. Ensure you tumble dry with the jeans cycle.

I know I am going to change my laundry habits based on this advice. For more information on the AEG laundry range click here

Disclaimer. I was not paid for this post, but did receive complimentary tickets to Grand Designs Live and travel expenses were covered.



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