A Year in Review – 2021 for Mrs Mummypenny

I love reading these posts from my friends and colleagues, it was only natural that I had to write one for myself. To prepare myself I have gone through all my pictures and picked out my highlights of 2021.

I have found myself saying out loud that that 2021 (plus 2020 & 2019) have been the worst years of my life, thanks to divorce and family loss. But reflecting back on happy memories, huge achievements, holidays, so much fun with my friends has made me realise that my time has been good. Yes there is darkness, there always is, but it’s mostly light. And the light always outshines the darkness.

My Personal Life

I want to share my favourite pictures here by month and share what I loved about 2021.

Jan & Feb

I need to lump these two month together. There are not many highlights, it was the darkest two months of my life. We were in lockdown hell with home schooling and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I was in court for things that remain unspoken for the moment. My stress levels were high. I was binge eating/drinking and felt like absolute crap.

But looking back at my pictures, I was trying to eat well with Mindful Chef Vegan food, I was out walking a lot with Fran and Marianne my local besties. And I was taking pictures of my “in a wood beating my chest” for an advertising campaign. Yes.


My birthday month arrives and are finally given a lifeline. Lockdown is to slowly end. From 29th March, my actual birthday, we are allowed to see actual people outside of our bubble. I spent my birthday with Gem, Matt and our children at their beach hut in Frinton-on-Sea. J went swimming in the freezing March sea and DJ played football with Kylo on the beach and we LOVED it. Gem and I drank gin in the beach hut.


April was when restaurants opened again and Neil and I were straight out as soon as we could. We chose King Cross, Granary Square for dinner that was outside, but under heaters. We got drunk and yes there were tears, as you can probably see here, but I love the picture. Neil has been my GBF for 26 years, always there for chat, drinks, dinner, early morning London rescues, holidays, and we’ve done ALOT of holidays. Vegas, Corsica, Cornwall. Our next holiday is Jan 2022 to Spain for a week of winter sun.

And it started to turn warmer and brighter. The walks around the fields where I live in Hertfordshire are stunning. Check out the fields of rapeseed and beautiful clouds.

May ALOT of fun stuff

More outside dining with Neilboy near the canal in Kings Cross. This roast dinner was amazing, no idea what the restaurant was called!! It was cold, but it must have been sunny before then as my freckles are out out.

The bluebells are out, and it gives me an intense sense of hope. Bluebells feel like the sea, and I have a bluebell wood five minutes from my house. So incredibly grateful.

And then the PUBS OPENED and the EE crew met up literally on the first night we could for drinks. We hugged, we did shots and we had a brilliant night out.

Football Achievements

Football restarted for my eldest in March, if I remember rightly? It was all behind closed doors but we got to watch DJ in a big tournament in May. The final was between West Ham and Cambridge and Cambridge won. OMG it was the most dramatic final ever, it literally felt like the FA cup for these 13 year old boys. they won on PENALITIES. I cried, all the parents cried and my nephew Matthew chose to visit on the most perfect weekend.


Early June was the half term holidays and we headed to Norfolk, Bacton for a few days. We booked an Air BNB that was a 50 metre walk from this beach, what a stroke of luck. It was empty for 5 days and it was hot! We swam, beach walked, read books, ate fish n chips. A wonderful mini-break.

More dinners out with my uni buddies in June to the Ivy near Liverpool St. Pics in the jungle.

It was pride month so I did my nails accordingly


And we had a had weekend away to Manchester, what an incredible city. We did the touristy thing, went to the science and industry museum, had Italian food and went to MAN CITY for a football game where YES, Cambridge won again.


WHAT A MONTH. It started with a trip to Cornwall for the wedding of the decade. Sophie and Mark’s wedding, the first weekend that weddings were allowed, and I was there. I had a wonderful five days at home, the wedding was AMAZING, easily on the best wedding ever (better than mine??!!). The joy on our faces is obvious, these were the girls that I grew up with , my best friends as teenagers Soph, Tam, Sarah.

Then it was time for Standon Calling. Five days of euphoria of a festival the first weekend we were allowed. I worked it, was on the Lavish Lands staff and LOVED every moment. Here I am with an actual angel Gina and Matt (not an angel;-)) . SUCH a good time, I met the most incredible people, now life long friends and I’ll be back for 2022 festival season.


The day after Standon Calling we headed to Cornwall for a weeks summer holiday. The drive took around 12 hours as I had to stop five times though extreme tiredness. Whoops. But OMG it was worth it. Look at the beauty of Porthcurno, my fav beach in the universe


August started with us still in Cornwall and we went to the Scillies for the day on 1st August. It was bliss. And we saw a whale, an actual MINKY whale, on the way to Scillies. We saw around 100 dolphins on the way back from the Scillies. It was incredible. I cried. The emotions were huge.

August saw me getting tattoo no 4. A mandala designed just for me by Matt Smale on my left arm to match my right arm with lotus flower and shell. Beautiful I love my tattoos.

September was a BIG month

Lots to pack into September, which started with Headline money awards. WHAT A NIGHT, with my girls Charlotte and Laura. All the boobs, we had a such a good night. didn’t win a stitch, who cares.

I went to Essex for a caravan weekend with Gem and Neil (who actually had covid as we found out after 24 hours!). But we had 24 hours together and did love it. Tears, dancing, chavvy dinner and beautiful frinton beach time.

Also I grew the most amazing sunflower. Sunflowers grow whilst those around you flail.

Anita and I met up for a final night of booze before my booze free month. We did beauty at John Lewis and looked like this, stunning, thanks to Bobbi Brown. Went for dinner, got very drunk and had a lovely night in Mayfair.

October was ANOTHER amazing month

As you can see my year got better and better. Early October saw a weekend away to Exeter with Soph and Tam, my childhood friends. We had the BEST weekend with shopping, lunch, dinner, hotel, breakie. Was an amazing 24 hours.

Two weeks later I was in Glastonbury, running up the Tor and with Georgie and the Yoni circle. How this transformed my life.


Halloween was with Becky, my soul sister, my bestest friend. I love her probably more than anyone ever in life. A witch and her cat.

November WOW

I got to go to COP 26. I had a BIG conversation with Dr. Dave (Bec’s hubster) in Bristol late October, which drove me to tweet my environmental concerns. And I was then invited to a COP 26 event. OMG amazing.

Off I went to Glasgow on the train, obvs, for an event to talk to the most incredible environmental brains. SUCH an honour. 2022 will be the year of an environmental difference for me AND THE WORLD.

The Appalachian Challenge in Full Force

My end of year challenge was in full force, the 3,168km challenge with Eve Keith, Kathryn Knowles and Mel Adams. this ends on 31st Dec and we have pretty much done it. Maybe 40km short, but my covid ruined it on last two days.


December I went for it hard. I knew covid was going to get me at some point, but I went for it until it did. First stop Scummy Mummies in Clapham with Eve.

Scummy Helen, my friend, wrote a book in 2021, Get divorced, Get Happy and I’m chapter ****** 10. GET **** done. Yep sort out your financial **** in a divorce. YASSSSS.

I went to O2 to see Tom Jones with Jane. We had a blast. Loved it. Tom Jones, a legend.

And then it was Christmas, in Cornwall for an early Christmas with my fam and Trev in the Tree.

My Health, Body & Mind

Well I think that’s obvious from the change of pictures…..as the year progressed as did my healthy body and mind!

I dated during the year. Some success, but mostly failure. I dated a fun DJ, a control freak chef, an awful policeman, a guy that wanted kids (not me), a double denim lover and a nice guy that just didn’t work out. What did I learn? Not much, mainly that I’m still rubbish at the red flags.

I engaged in a lot of therapy that helped a lot. It was a tough year.

My Work Achievements


It’s been an incredible year for work partnerships. I am so grateful to be working with the brands that I choose. matching my beliefs and ethics. PensionBee and Zopa Bank as for many years and ongoing. So much incredible content shared and more to come.

Also partnerships with Octopus Energy, Smart Energy Gb, Admiral Insurance, Huawei, AmEx, Music Magpie, Idealo, Compare the Market, Go Henry, Beanstalk, Life Search, Aldi, Superscript, Tesla, Tuskar, Publisis, Nectar, ID mobile. I am privileged.

Media, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines

I have published SO MUCH work throughout the year in the newspapers, magazines. Plus a ton of TV and Radio work. Too much to mention to be honest. Just google Mrs Mummypenny and see what comes up.

This year The Sun have been incredible and have published SO much of my work, the year ended with Christmas dinner for £25 for 6 for less than £25 including Booze, and me being called THE MONEY GURU.

I am a regular on BBC Scotland, Wales, BBC THREE Counties, BBC London and BBC Five Live. Plus Talk Radio and LBC, Heart Radio and GB News. I have also appeared on ITV News, Channel 5, BBC News and basically everywhere. I AM YOUR TV personal finance expert!

My Book

I continue to share my book, The Money Guide to Transform You Life. Buy it now!!! £9.99 for all my financial guidance in one place. YASSSSS easy. Signed copy here £9.99.

Financial Wellbeing Talks

And I did a load of financial wellbeing talk to corporate partners. Sharing my financial guidance with brilliant Q&A sessions, get in touch to arrange yours – lynn@mrsmummypenny.co.uk


For all you support this year and all the years, now nine of them. I do this for you. To share the best financial guidance with you. LOVE you for reading, watching, listening, commenting..everything. xxxxxxxxxx


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  1. What a fabulous read.
    I love writing yearly reviews as they really do remind you of things seemingly forgotten about – I do mine in rhyme.

    So glad you were able to focus on the highlights and, of course, your amazing and successful career. An inspiration.
    All the best for 2022.

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