6 Reasons Why You Should Hire An 11 Plus Tutor

Tutoring can be a massive benefit for your child in every aspect of their academic life, but when it comes to the 11 plus, tutoring can significantly impact how well your child performs during the exam. Hiring a tutor is a big decision for any family, and many parents worry that their children won’t see the benefits of having a tutor. This often results in parents attempting to prepare their children themselves without the proper support network; this can lead to increase stress for both the child and parent as they attempt to traverse the complex world of the 11 plus alone. We’re here to tell you all the reasons why providing your child with 11+ tutoring should be at the top of your preparations list. 

Work To Your Childs Pace

One of the best benefits of having a tutor from Tutor Hunt for your child is that they can work at the pace that is suitable for them. Some children often get left behind if the teacher goes over the syllabus too quickly, and they are too nervous about asking for more time in a room full of their peers. With a tutor, your child will have every opportunity to take things more slowly if they need to while having the full attention of the tutor for any questions they may have.

One-On-One Attention

Most classes consist of around 25 to 30 other students, and this can make it difficult for teachers to provide the right attention that your child may need as there are too many students to allow enough time for one-on-one learning. Whether your child has in-person sessions or is taking advantage of 11 plus online learning from Test Teach, having a tutor will give them the attention they need so that they don’t end up falling behind on their studies. Tutors are available to answer any questions your child may have throughout the sessions and are capable of going through topics more than once without having to worry about 20 or more other students. During the one-on-one session, your child’s tutor will become familiar with how they learn and will adapt the lesson plans accordingly, so they get the most out of every session.

Tackle Weak Subjects

Every child has their strengths and weaknesses, and often the teacher doesn’t have the time to give in-depth support to help your child keep up with the rest of the class. A tutor will eradicate this problem and allow your child to have the opportunity to overcome the obstacles they face during their time in academia. Whether your child struggles with confidence, speaking, reading, or writing, their tutor will be able to provide them with the right tools to combat their weaknesses and turn them into strengths in a time frame that better suits how they learn.

Expanded Learning

11 plus tutoring will help to prepare your child for everything they may face during the exam, but they can also expand your child’s knowledge further. At school, your child will be taught solely what is on the curriculum, and due to time constraints, this can be a narrow portion of what your child could be learning about any topic. With a tutor, your child will not only be prepared for the 11 plus, but they will also experience expanded learning that will give them a better advantage when they take the test. Tutors teach valuable revision skills, organisation, confidence-building, time management, and how to prioritise their workloads, which can be transferred to everyday life. 

Flexible For Busy Schedules

Using 11 plus online learning is fantastic for a parent or child’s busy schedule. You will have the flexibility to choose when your child sees their tutor remotely and can change the days they have their sessions when needed. If you decide to have a tutor for your child outside of the 11 plus, you may only need one session per week to help them achieve the best results in school. However, during the 11 plus, some pupils benefit from at least two sessions per week as it helps to break down the lesson plans into more manageable sections that reduce the stress your child may be feeling. If you choose to have in-person sessions, many tutors are able to come to your home to help create a flexible and convenient time for your child to learn.

Work To Achieve Goals

When at school, the goals that your children are encouraged to set are often more generic and tailored to the curriculum available in the school environment. When your child uses a tutor, they can set more specific goals for their learning and how they want to approach the 11 plus. Part of the problem with the goals in the school classroom is that once they are set, it is often left up to your child to achieve them, with minimal support. With a tutor, your child with be provided with top support that will not only help them set the right goals but aid them in achieving them


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