6 Fun And Interesting Ways To Build Your Investment Portfolio

With investing, traditionally speaking, you would deal on the stock market or perhaps trade with bonds with businesses or even the government. In the modern age, the opportunities to invest have changed and made it more fun and interesting to learn about. Of course, investing comes with its risk, so you should be careful.


Whilst similar to cryptocurrency, in that they exist in the digital world, they are different in how they are traded. It works as a physical asset, which can sell for millions in some cases. Some popular pieces of online content that have been sold as NFTs include memes such as side-eying Chloe, and the YouTube video Charlie Bit My Finger.

They stand for non-fungible tokens, which means it’s unique in it being the only original version of itself. Consider a famous painting, such as the Mona Lisa. It’s unique in itself, and you can take pictures and replicate it, but it will never be the original.

NFTs stop digital files from being duplicated created a token that works as a digital certificate that can be traded. These records are stored through the blockchain, in the same way as cryptocurrency, which is another interesting investment opportunity you should consider looking into. That means NFTs cannot be forged, as the ledger will be maintained through thousands of computers across the world.


Away from the digital side of the world, you may find it fun to collect art as an investment, or even for your use. The art market can be local, national, or international, offering a wide range of options. Art is something that will appreciate over time, which is why you find older pieces stored in the museum, and help in a private collection.

If you can get into art collecting, then you should consider starting slow, picking up smaller and less expensive pieces to see how you can get started. Oftentimes, it may be the name that attracts value, and sometimes it will be the quality of the pieces themselves.

It’s also possible that someone who has had it in their collection previously could add interest. If someone owns a standard valued piece of art, but they are an interesting individual, then that piece may now be worth more for the time is spent with that person.

In general, you will find it quite a fun way to build your portfolio, as you can shop for things that interest you, or get expert advice on what will be a valuable asset. You can work with experts in art investments from groups such as Woodbury House, who can offer you a free art investment consultation just for signing up. This will be a great place to get started with art investing, allowing you to have fun at the same time as making money.


Antiques offer another fun way to look at investing. They can come in a variety of forms, from antique furniture to jewellery. Some trinkets can go for thousand, especially if they have history attached to the item.

Some people collect antique toys for their collection or look to sell them for profit. That’s why you’ll see many antique enthusiasts at car boot sales and storage bin lots, looking to purchase antiques that people don’t know the worth of. Usually, a good antique spotter will be able to purchase any item they get, as they will know who to sell to, whilst some will be able to make a ridiculous amount of money if it’s something rare.

Uncommon and rare items are the types of antiques that sell for the most, due to the exclusivity that they offer. There will be antiques that aren’t worth much, due to how available and common that they are.

Antique shopping is something that you can do with friends and family, as you can visit certain towns for auctions as well as unique antique shops. That offers a great chance to explore, whilst also increasing your portfolio collection.


Speaking of antiques, you can also find old collections that sell for a lot. Collections refer to you purchasing a specific set of things, with the more you own increasing your value. Think of football trading cards from the 90s, if you manage to collect every single one, then that will be worth quite a bit to a collector.

That’s why some people look to collect things that are current now, as they will be worth more when they’re not around in the future. Almost anything can be collected for value reasons, from movie posters to musical instruments. It all comes down to finding someone who will want to buy or selling it to a private company that deals with clients looking for a range of antiques.


You will also benefit from knowing the benefits of owning property. Aside from having somewhere that you can live, you should be looking to purchase the extra property where possible. This new property can then be rented out by you, to a tenant who will pay you monthly rent.

The rent they pay may pay off the mortgage if that’s something you need to pay if you’ve not bought it outright. This means you will have passive income continuously flowing into your bank account, which can help build your finances up and lead to future investments in the future.

You could also own property to rent out to businesses, which could be more cost-effective for you due to how much you can charge for certain uses of your building. In either case, you will need to get help with managing the property in terms of repairing and doing the legal contracts, which a realtor can help you with.

What To Avoid

One thing that you should be avoiding for investments is new cars. That’s because new cards lost almost two-thirds of their value when bought, whereas pre-owned cars will not. You will find that classic cars are always wanted by private collectors, which means if you can get a wanted car and do it up, you could make a lot of money.


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