5 Savvy Ways to Take Care of Your Vehicle

Here are five cool and cunning ways to be savvy with your car care. These tips are all fantastic ways to save your money and keep you on the road safely for longer.

Battery Etc. Check

You may know that your oil level is fine and that your lights all work but when was the last time you took a good look under the hood to check out your battery? Or your radiator? Or any of the many mechanical items under the hood that keep your car running and get you from place to place without too much stress? Learn the various parts of your car, and know what they should look like so you will be able to spot any problems as soon as they present themselves. A pre-emptive visit to the mechanic will almost always cost so much less than you would have paid had you left it to become a serious issue.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is part of life, and your tyres are no different. Make sure they are legally compliant, with good safe driving practice, such as ensuring the tread depth is 1.6mm, and preferably more like 3mm for true driving safety. No part of the tyre should be bald, and if you find your tyres to be lacking in any way, buy high quality tyres in London from Iverson Tyres.

Crossland X

Inflation is Important

Remaining on the subject of tyres, modern tyres are designed to be used at the optimum levels of inflation. Older drivers, who began driving when vehicles – and tyres especially – could be less than completely reliable, may try to inflate or deflate the tyres or slightly over-inflate them to deal with the relevant conditions. This is no longer necessary, and modern tyres should always be inflated to the correct levels.

Wash Car by Hand

Have your car hand washed: or do it yourself should you have the time. Not only does this practice ensure that you have a beautifully clean car at all times, but it means that you will be able to spot any small signs of damage or aging – and it gives you enough time to have the problem sorted before it turns into an expensive inconvenience.

Drive Sensibly

Perhaps the most important piece of advice though, is to drive sensibly at all times. This may sound dull, but it is the one thing that any driver can do to keep their vehicle costs low. Not only does driving within the speed limit and keeping off rough roads save you money by ensuring that you do not need repairs, but it further saves you the costs of extra fuel, oil and the other various fluids that a modern car needs. Following these five tips will leave you comfortable and confident in your driving – and with a little bonus in your wallet too as any problems with your vehicle have been headed off before they can become detailed!


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