5 Frugal things post 53 – Credit card repayment and Christmas shopping

5 Frugal things post 53 – Credit card repayment and Christmas shopping

This week has been a welcome quiet week following the busy week last week of many deadlines, photoshoots and newspaper articles. I have got my last gift list done, woohoo. This time its a list if ideas for that difficult to buy for husband.

I also have a sick eldest  so its looking like all football this weekend will be cancelled. Today, Friday is a teacher training day so despite the coughing he is desperate to go bowling so I have booked that, but that will be all we do today.

Christmas Shopping

I find Christmas shopping extremely stressful! Does anyone else? Surely I am not the only one. It stems from the boys birthdays. Their birthday are in October and November so have only just happened. This of course means that have got everything they wanted. So what do you get for Christmas? I have got them a joint pressie which is Nintendo switch that I bought on Black Friday, but then what else? I don’t want to spend a fortune and don’t want to buy things for the sake of it. I’m thinking games, books, slippers, onesies. I am adding things to my Amazon basket every day and hoping to get everything from their to avoid the busy shops!

Credit card repayment

I havn’t updated Mrs Mummypenny readers for a while on my debt repayment as it has been minimum repayments for a couple of months. However this month saw a record breaking month for turnover for Mrs Mummypenny. Back in January when I set my goals I said that my I would love to be earning £5k per month. Well this month I very nearly did that!! This is far more money than I need to cover the bills so a big chunk has been moved into savings, my safety fund is now looking lovely at £2k. And I paid off my business Barclaycard that is the only interest payable credit card I have. £1161 has been paid off.

When I first wrote about my debt story we owed £15,500. That debt is now down to £12,000. Not too bad eight months after facing the problem.

Cancelling Netflix and Adding Sky Movies

Not really a money saving thing but one did cancel out the other. I thought it would be nice to have some extra movies available for Christmas time so I added Sky movies to our package for £10 per month and have cancelled Netflix which was costing us £8.99 per month.

Christmas Crafting

Josh did lots of Christmas crafting this past week and weekend, fun to be had at home for free. He made a Christmas scene from pieces of foam and glitter and then made a gingerbread house as well. Slightly complex was that last one, taking hours to make! We were sent a box of Christmas goodies including these to celebrate a fab Jet2 holidays advent competition where you can win a holiday every day.


Warm Coats and Ski clothes

Its been so cold this week and I am ever so thankful to my Aldi skiwear from last year for keeping everyone warm. We got the full set of everything, including coats, hats, gloves, under layers, warm jumpers, snoods for the whole family. We got our last year but its back in store again this year. This mens ski jacket is just £19.99

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