5 Frugal Things Post 18 – Exercise, coffee and 20cogs

5 Frugal Things post 18

It was back to school this week in Hertfordshire after half term, so back to the normal routine. Work wise its been a nice busy week that leaves me feeling grateful for the decision I took nearly 2 years ago, to leave my corporate job. Everything feels really positive and exciting. I am even going as far as investing in a camera for a big improvement to photos and videos!

Joinflex.tv online exercise classes

This week has been my first week of trying out joinflex. I have had to stop my regular Pilates class so this came along with perfect timing to replace my class. You log in to a website and can access so many different classes live all over the world. This week I have done Pilates on Monday and PiYo (a high impact version of Pilates and yoga) on Wednesday. There are so many classes to choose from high impact to relaxation and pre/post-natal. All from the comfort of your own home.

I will be publishing a full review after a few weeks of classes, I’m going to try as many different ones as possible. It’s a subscription service normally costing £10 but the first month is free and you don’t even have to add card detail. You’ve got nothing to lose, why not give it try.

I used to pay £40 a month for my Pilates classes, so have made a big saving here.

Top-up shop only this week.

I normally shop every 2 weeks, and this week should have been big shop week but I decided to wait one more week to help with 5 frugal things post 18! We have a freezer with lots of food option so I wanted to work through that before another big shop. I did a top up shop of packed lunch bits, fruit and cereal but we had everything else. This has saved us a nice chunk of money this week.

Finishing 20cogs

Hurrah I completed my 20 cogs on the money-making app 20cogs. £176 was transferred into my bank account this week. To get your hands on the money you just need to sign up using this link and complete 20 different sign up activities. The activities vary from questionnaires to trialling TV packages, taste card and food boxes. It took a few months to work through mainly because I am so slow but I was really chuffed to complete it this week and receive my money.

Handcrafted Josh’s Aztec day outfit

This week was Aztec day at school for Josh and we made his outfit together, all for free. He wore an oversized T-shirt that we already had from Dylan’s Aztec day 2 years ago. Josh made a head-dress with some feather from our craft box and we covered a shield in Aztec printouts. To finish the look, I did some Aztec face paint and he wore one of my gold necklaces. Happy days.


Swopped Nespresso capsules for Aldi (Nespresso compatible) capsules.

Something I have been meaning to share for a while now but I have swopped over to Aldi coffee capsules for my daily morning coffee rather than ordering the official Nespresso one. The Aldi version are 10 for £1.79 compared to Nespresso 10 for £3 to £4.50. A huge saving here and they taste just as good as a coffee from Starbucks or Costa.

I’m linking up with CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week linky.


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6 Responses

  1. Well done on finishing 20 Cogs! I’ve completed all of my cogs now, but 4 of them are still amber. Can’t wait to cash out!

    Skipping a big shop makes so much difference and it’s amazing what you can rustle up when you have to. I like to do that sometimes too.

    1. I had 4 cogs left, send them a message. I did and they helped to turn the cogs green:-) Most helpful customer services.

    1. Its fairly new, I just spotted them a few weeks back but they are really good. So much cheaper. Woohoo to fab frugal linky.

  2. I love Flex, I joined a few weeks back and it’s so convenient – especially when I don’t have a local gym to go to. The Burlesque class is great 😉

    1. Ooh burlesque, will have to give that a go!! The convenience is great isn’t it…I love not having to leave the house!!

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