Insurance & Income Protection

Welcome to my page about insurance.

The protection of your income and debts against death and illness. Not the happiest subject, but insurance is very necessary in your personal finance world. 

Here you will read content about the number one priority life insurance, important if you have dependants and a mortgage. 

The number two priority is income protection insurance (or known as disability insurance); an insurance that pays out if you are ill and unable to work, covering your essential expenses on a monthly basis for as long as you choose.

Insurance priority three is critical illness that pays out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer. My content explains each clearly and you can assess if it is something that you need.

The Insurance Essentials

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I am an affiliate partner of Lifesearch, much of this content is sponsored by Lifesearch, meaning that they pay me a fee to write content on my website.

I am a Lifesearch customer for my life and income protection insurance (I do not have critical illness cover). You can be assured I have tested the application process and their customer service. I put my money where my mouth is.

If you want to enquire about insurance, here is my affiliate link where we both will get a £25 or £50 cash back payment to your bank account if you sign up as an insurance customer.

Please note all information in this section is guidance and not advice. It is my view and my view only.