Welcome to my page all about the wonderful world of pensions.

Here you can read about private pensions, otherwise knows a SIPP (self-invested private pension).

You can read about employed and self-employed private pensions and pension consolidation. You can read some personal stories from me on my ‘pension mistakes’ and how I fixed them and how I am now feeling clear about my future and how much money I need to save in my pension.

There is also topical pension content about issues such as pension scams and the gender pension gap.

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I am a brand ambassador for PensionBee, much of this content is sponsored by PensionBee, meaning that they pay me a fee to write content on my website and their website. I also represent them in the media.

I am a PensionBee customer with my entire pension pot held safely with them. I put my money where my mouth is. If you want to find out more about consolidating your pension pots from previous employers, here is my affiliate link where we both will get a £50 credit to our pension pot if you sign up and move your pension pots over.

Please note all information in this section is guidance and not advice. It is my view and my view only.