Why boys are cool on a 2 week holiday

So before anyone moans I am sure holidays with girls are just as good, but boys are different and here is why they are cool on a 2 week holiday!


They adore the beach and find limitless activities to keep themselves amused. From the obvious swimming to Brazilian football ( Dylan now has no issues approaching the Spanish to ask to join in) to snorkelling to volleyball to climbing the rocks to timing a sprint along the beach. They are so much fun on a beach.

Hubby wants to join in on everything so I can have a rest and read great books.

The boys can help carry the mountains of stuff to the said beach. Cool box, bag of toys, inflatable ring, towels, umbrella, rucksack for phones and tablets.

They never tire, in Spain you tend to get to the beach for 11/12 and you don’t leave until 7/8. They last like like Duracell bunnies for the whole 8-9 hours

The resulting nights sleep is deep and good and they have a lie in. The normally lie in until about 10 am.

They eat everything as they are so hungry from said activities. This holiday my boys have tried bbq ribs, squid, tomato, chorizo, serrano ham and Spanish cheese.

They are quite happy to alternate between beach, pool, aquapark (photo shows the only 2 hours of rain in 2 weeks) for a 2 week holiday. No fussing of finding different things to do, that’s more me!



Jack the nearly 3 year old, riding the tortoise has gone back to having a long lunchtime nap. Chill time.

They are really keen to learn Spanish,  Jack now say hola to everyone. Not sure if that’s Spain or the dodgy minions dvd we bought in Mojacar;)

We have wistful discussions everyday about what it would be like to live in Spain ( maybe you will one day boys if you play for real Madrid or Barcalona ;)) or mummy why are you good at maths or the favourite question who wins in a fight dolphin or shark?


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