Where would I most like to travel this year?

Where would I most like to travel this year?

Why does cold weather and snowy weather make you crave that summer holiday even more? This week I have been reminiscing about the most amazing Mark Warner holiday we have ever had as a family last year. I was browsing through the beautiful pictures and videos and imagining lying on that sun lounger at the waters edge or trying paddle boarding (and loving it) for the first time ever.

I want to share with you some of the amazing things about our holiday in Corsica last July. Also, upon reflection the things that we didn’t try that I am super keen to go back for.

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I had never been on a holiday with so much included before and mostly family holiday had been, well, a bit stressful to be honest. Trying out a Mark Warner holiday was new to me. To make things a bit more complex, it was just me and my three boys going as hubby couldn’t make it due to work commitments. Could I handle a week away with three children?

The Best 5 things about our holiday

The Resort 

It was the perfect size, not so huge that you could lose your children. The perfect size with everything in the perfect place. The hotel had two pools, always quiet with spare sun loungers, there was a large grass area with all sports. A beach bar and then the sandy beach. There was so many different water sports available. There were tennis courts and mountain bikes. The restaurant over looked the beach side of the hotel.

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The Food

All the food (and wine!) was included in the holiday and the food was amazing. It was buffet style for breakfast and lunch and the quality was good. There was plenty for the boys to enjoy, particularly breakfast. Most days they would go for four different breakfast courses, croissant, cereal, bacon and sausages and fruit. They were so active all day long that the calories were needed. Dinner varied, some night it was restaurant style, some nights BBQ, some buffet. The food was always good and everyone enjoyed it very much.

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The Activities

Everything was included, yes everything! There were water sports galore from sailing to kayaking to paddle boarding. There was tennis, mountain biking. There was table tennis, volleyball and badminton. There was a timetable of classes including yoga, HIIT, Pilates, core exercises. There were excursions leaving the hotel to local beauty spot or mountain bike trails.

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The childcare

There was as much or as little childcare you needed or wanted. My two eldest, Dylan who was 9 and Josh was 7 had six hours of supervised activities during the day with a two-hour break for lunch. Jack who was four had three hours of activities. Then in the evening there was another three hours of film club available. We picked and chose what the boys wanted to, but it gave me plenty of time to relax. It meant that one day I could take a trip the waterfall.

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The friendly atmosphere

All the staff and fellow guests were so friendly. I made some great friends, as did the boys which made for a holiday full of memories. Every staff member who we met was so helpful and friendly, always ready to chat or to help with first aid for the children (we did have a few accidents!). It really made the holiday extra special having that top-level service.

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Top 5 things I didn’t do and will definitely do on return

Sailing and Wind-Surfing

There was an included sailing tuition course on the first day that I missed, and I really wanted to try out the sailing. The only way around it was to pay for some private tuition so I didn’t do it. Same goes for windsurfing. Next time I go I will try both water sports. All three of the boys got to do both sports as part of their activities and loved it.

Explore more of the surrounding area

I heard from other guests there were lovely restaurants and a great ice-cream shop a short walk up the beach in the nearby town. On the next visit we would explore more and experience much more of the non Mark Warner Corsican life. We walked into town on the last day, as we had to go visit the doctor, but on the way saw lots of nice shops and restaurants that would have been good to visit.

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Make use of the spa facilities

One of the ladies I met and befriended raved about the massage at the spa facilities. I had one booked, but it coincided with the day that Jack decided to overeat breakfast and be sick, meaning he he couldn’t go to the childcare that day. I was gutted to miss my massage and there wasn’t availability to rebook it before going home. Gutted.

A guided mountain bike ride

These looked to be for the more serious and fit guests, but they did look good. You could choose your level of tour, length of bike ride, elevation. There were quite a few serious bike riders on this holiday but I would have loved to join in one. But only in the morning as it got so hot in the July afternoon!

Sunrise kayaking

Another trip that I couldn’t make that sounded 100% amazing was the sun rise kayak ride. I always wake up early during the warmer summer months and I was awake for sunrise every day during the holiday. To kayak out into the sea and watch the sunrise above the horizon would have been such a life experience.

travel this year

I cant wait to go back to a Mark Warner holiday again, it really was the best holiday we have had as a family and next time hubby is definitely coming, he hated missing out.

I have written this post as an entry to the #mwambassador competition.


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16 Responses

    1. Thank you!!! The clubs are great arnt they? I just love that all my boys got to try so much that they and never done before. Josh at 7 was sooo happy that he got to out in a boat with no adults!

  1. Sounds like an amazing holiday! The activities and childcare sound like my idea of heaven, and the whole family would have a fabulous time. One day!

    1. Such a great holiday!!! Where I got to read 2, yes 2 books!! Which reminds me I need to read the Alchemist again;-)

  2. Omg Lynn, this holiday looks amazing no wonder you’re looking to back again!

    Sunrise kayaking sounds like a dream!

    1. I did manage to get down to the beach one day for sunrise..but the kayaking would be amazing. I made friends with the management of the hotel and they recommended it as the best trip of the week.

    1. Sounds amazing doesnt it. I think you would get some sort of life clarity at that point on sun rise above the horizon. xx

    1. Yes, the variety of things is so important for the children. So keen to return!! Good luck to you too x

  3. I’ve never been on an all-inclusive holiday with my children and this sounds like heaven!!! Hope I can do that with my 4 one day. I’ve heard so many good things about Corsica. Although I used to live in Toulon, I’ve never actually been there! Good luck with your entry!! Xx

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