My Ultimate Money Saving Tips for the New Year

Ultimate Money Saving Tips

It’s that time of the year when resolutions have been set. If you are here I am guessing that one of them is to improve your finances. Maybe you want to pay off some debt, add more into your savings, get to grips with investing or understand your pension situation. Here are my ultimate money saving tips. There are only 5 of them. Have a read, follow my guidance and save yourself £000’s.

My ultimate money saving tips for the New Year. #NewYearBudget #MoneySaving


To get in control of your finances you need to face the truth and work out your financial situation. Work out your debts versus your savings and go through your bank and credit card statements to work out what you are spending your money on. From this you can:
1) Create a budget
2) Cancel any non-essential payments
3) Reduce costs of regular expenses through switching.

Facing the truth is the first step to getting in control.

More on Switching

I switch all my insurances, broadband, phone contracts, TV subscriptions once a year. Companies very rarely give you a better deal for staying loyal. It is always worth switching to save on your renewal price, or maybe even save more than you were paying. Its dull. I know I get it, but just think if you switched all of these bills and saved £50 a month, thats £600 per year. £50 is totally achievable!

On my switching hit list this Jan, Feb is Re-mortgage (done, went up by £30, but that’s cool, I went 3 years fixed) Broadband (mine is so slow), Car Insurance (Not sure that Pay As You Go Insurance is saving me money anymore, it def worth it if you do LESS than 8000 miles per year), Income Protection Insurance (I need to change my deferment period from 3 months to 6 months to save money). Plus I’ve cancelled Amazon prime

I use the Topcashback comparison tools to give me information on the best deals on insurance, phone and broadband. Plus I get rewarded with a chunk of cashback. It pays to do some research here. And it’s always worth switching. Last year alone I saved £1000 reducing my costs for house, car & travel insurance. Plus, switching my landline, broadband and TV services.

The only bill I will not be switching this year is my energy bill. I am an Octopus customer who are a company who does reward their existing and new customers with great deals. Octopus provide me with a renewable energy tariff and great customer service. Its totally worth seeing if Octopus can save you money, here is my refer a friend link where both you and I will get £50 if you switch.

Ultimate Money Saving


Cashback is one of my favourite ways to get free money on the purchases that I make on a regular basis. Topcashback has been my cash back site of choice who I have used for 9 years now and my total earnings are £6000! I use if for all my annual renewals as mentioned already. It is used to book any Expedia holidays get an extra 5% discount. I even use it when we order Dominos (alot!)! Literally everything and anything I buy online I always check Topcashback to see if there is cashback available and most of the time there is.

Getting rid of clutter

We all have that cupboard under the stairs full of clutter, or that spare room filled with stuff that isn’t being used. How about toys that the children no longer play with or clothes that no longer fit. This list goes on and on and we can all afford to have a huge de-clutter.

Use this time now of new year and new momentum to get rid of the clutter and sell it. Sell it on Facebook groups (if you can bare it!) or sell it on eBay. Spend some time to work out which items will sell the best, get them listed and make some money. If its not worth much then consider donating to charity, worst case head to the tip.

Ultimate Money Saving

Money making schemes

These are mostly too good to be true but there are a few that work and make you some quick cash. They take time, organisation and thought but can make you some extra cash. I have tried many. Mystery shopping is a great one here is a link to my favourite company ProInsight. I make around £250 income a year from mystery shopping BUT get at least £1000 a year in free gym membership, spa days, bowling trips, coffee, sushi, plus much more. Its a great company to work with.

I have tried 20cogs, a questionnaire and sign up site where you can earn money, I made £200.

I am sure there will be something in this list that you can give a try to save some money. If you could manage a few of them there are huge savings to be had or money to be made.

Happy New Year!!

Please do tell me if you have other money saving top tips.

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  1. Have you ever taken advantage of Referral Schemes? For instance sharing your uber/deliveroo referral codes to your friends and family and saving money on transport and food. I feel that has been pretty effective for me as a student. I know somewhere called Referral Codes which is quite useful for you. Check it out.

  2. Some great tips here – thanks for sharing. One more to add to ‘switching’ should be your mortgage – if you’re reaching the end of a fixed term rate, it’s probably worth reviewing before you go on to the SVR. I’m amazed at how many people leave it until the last minute!

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