Trev & Purdy Kitten Kollege Career Day

Kitten Kollege Career Day

It is a bit of a traumatic week for Trev. Trev is our nine-month-old boy cat and he went to the vets for the chop. Poor Trev, he isn’t going to know what has hit him (or snipped him). We all know its mega important to get it done (possibly a bit late!) but he’s not going to be happy.

kitten kollege

Trev is such a loving black boy cat. He is already weighing in at 4kg with more growing to go. We like to call him our mini black panther. We (I!) decided to get a kitten from the Blue Cross last year. I knew I was going to be working from home for the foreseeable future with Mrs Mummypenny and I wanted some company. I went on the waiting list at the Blue Cross for a kitten and three months later they called and said I could have Trev.

He has got such a personality, he’s a loving softie when with us. Sitting on my lap is a favourite place of Trev’s, he will jump up on the kitchen side to say hello or park himself on my desk. He adores my eldest son Dylan and has his daytime sleeps on his bed. Jack is my youngest aged four who carries him around like a baby, he never scratches anyone.

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Night times are a different matter, he prowls the streets of our village in stealth mode. If I was to choose a career for Trev I would say he is a soldier, more specifically in the SAS. He loves to protect me his mummy and all three of my boys. He is rather good at carrying out orders, if I call him he comes running. If I pat my lap he jumps up, sometimes will jump up like an excitable doggy. He loves a bit of exercise and you often see him running around the garden or chasing ribbons, balls and other kitten toys.

He loves routine, breakfast and dinner at the same time each day. After a big breakfast of kitten food he comes inside and crashes out for the day. He likes to defend us from the neighbour’s dogs and will often sneak into their garden and taunts them. You will see him sprinting back to our garden with a dog chasing him, unable to catch him. We get the occasional visit from other cats but Trev has their cards marked. He won’t let him anywhere near the food or his mate Purdy.

Purdy Cat

Purdy is our second cat, she is a fifteen-year-old tortoiseshell old lady cat. She is rather strange. Before Trev arrived she never came into the house, not once. She literally lived in the garden for the seven years we had lived in this house. She did the same at our old house. But soon as Trev arrived she decided to come inside. Maybe jealousy?

Most of the time Trev looks after Purdy, licks her head, lies next to her keeping her warm. But then suddenly the youthful kitten come out and he decides to attack her, or bite her back or jump on top of her. She’s an old lady, 105 in cat years (15 x 7?) so she’s not keen. We are hopeful that the chop will make him a bit more chilled and will stop the jumping on Purdy.

kitten kollege

If Purdy was to have a career I would say she a creative knitter of scarves. She likes to lie in the shade or on the sofa. Purdy hates the children bugging her and digs in her claws when she needs to be moved anywhere. She is also a bit of flirt and lives to rub up against the legs of my non-cat-loving hubby!!

This post is a collaboration with Whiskas, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website for more information on their cat food and their YouTube channel for fantastic Kitten Kollege videos.


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